Celebrating World Agnihotra Day in Belgaum, Karnataka, India

Mr Vinayak Lokur wrote:
We celebrated World Agnihotra Day, as usual, for the 11th consecutive year at our factory on 12th March 2021.

The programme consisted of Go-Pooja (Cow blessing ceremony), chanting of Vedic Mantras by Sanjeev Acharya Walvekar, explanation of the meanings of the Mantras, followed by Group Agnihotra at sunset. Approximately 100 people participated in the function. Continue reading “Celebrating World Agnihotra Day in Belgaum, Karnataka, India”

Homa Fires Give Me a Lot of Inspiration

Jose Francisco Rodriguez
Nerja, Spain, Europe

      I am 68 years old. I came to know América and Josué some years ago and thanks to them I have learned about Homa Therapy. Above all, they are two people who live what they say. They are in line with what they do. That has impressed me more than anything. In the beginning, I was with them a few times doing Homa Therapy at their home.
Afterwards, I did an exchange and I had to move and pack up all my things. I had more than 40 boxes in a warehouse and the Agnihotra pyramid was placed in one of them. So, there was a time when I did not practice the Homa Fires.

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Concentration, Contemplation, Meditation

December 24, 2020 Shree Vasant
(Message received through Parvati)

Set aside time every day for this practice of Meditation, during which you begin with focus and concentration on a single point, a sound, a Mantra or simply on your breath. 

 Concentration should be an attempt to remain in a one-pointed focused state without being distracted by outside noises or inside thought patterns.

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20 Year Anniversary of Round-the-Clock Yajnya at Tapovan, India

Yajnya Shala at Tapovan, site of 20 years of continuous Om Tryambakam Homa.

March 25, 2021 marked the 20th anniversary of the continuous Om Tryambakam Yajnya at Tapovan Homa Farm in India. This incredible achievement is of incalculable service to the whole planet. Especially in the last few years the Tapovan team faced many setbacks. However, in spite of the challenges, with the hard work and devotion of the Tapovan team, this Sacred Fire has been kept alive all these years.

We pray for Love, Light and blessings to all who have served in this amazing work, and for the future maintenance of this special Homa.

The following is Bruce Johnson’s speech on this momentous occasion.    Continue reading “20 Year Anniversary of Round-the-Clock Yajnya at Tapovan, India”

Homa Therapy News – Australian and International, April 2021


Homa Therapy News – April 2021

  • Ceaseless Om Tryambakam Homa at Tapovan India 20 year anniversary
  • Incidence of Agnihotra and Om Tryambakam Homa alleviating crime rate.
  • Organising Agnihotra and Om Tryambakam Homa to help the community during Covid
  • About Om Tryambakam Homa and the other Homas in Homa Therapy
  • Barren Mango trees producing abundant fruit after 1 year of Agnihotra and biodiversity majorly increased
  • Positive changes in our environment after a few months of Agnihotra
  • Facilitating extraordinary change in a short period of time
  • Zoom Agnihotra Workshops every Friday fortnight at 7pm Eastern Standard Time.
  • Demonstration of how to perform Agnihotra
  • Demonstration of how to perform Om Tryambakam Homa
  • Contacts for Homa Therapy in NZ, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines



Bruce Johnson performing Vyahruti Homa to mark the 20 year anniversary

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Giving Agnihotra Ash into the Cochiguaz River, Elqui Valley, Chile

Prof. Carlos Bustamante explaining to a group of people the importance of Bhargava Dham and the daily offering of Agnihotra ash into the Cochiguaz river. This group came from the capital Santiago, specifically to learn more about the “Bhargava Dham – Point of Light”, which was chosen by Master Shree Vasant.

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Satsang Volume 48 No 6

Study on Agnihotra and HIV Published in Medical Journal

Lisa Powers
Madison, VA, USA

Dr. Ulrich Berk, President of the German Association of Homa Therapy, introduced Agnihotra at the Amma Mane center of Ananta Bharatha Charitable Trust, a nonprofit organization in Mysore (South India) which is helping HIV positive children, most of whom are orphans. Here, the children are treated kindly and with respect. Outside, HIV positive children and also adults are often stigmatized. Most people do not want any contact with them. Tragically, even families send them away.

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