First Homa Therapy Teacher Certification Course In Europe

The first Homa Therapy Teacher Certification Course in Europe was held at Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya, a Homa organic farm community in the picturesque mountain region of southern Poland. The classes began on September 9, 2012, the 16th anniversary of the Parashuram Fire Temple at Bhrugu Aranya.

Asia Maher, Maria Kalisz, Suwindi Kadir, Luz de Luna Kmita, Rory Maher, Katherine Sawyer and Taylor Logsdon were certified by Fundacja Terapia Homa (Homa Therapy Foundation of Poland). Continue reading “First Homa Therapy Teacher Certification Course In Europe”


What is HHOOF? HHOOF is an acronym for Homa Helpers On Organic Farms. This is a spin-off of Willing Workers On Organic Farms, an organization that links volunteers to organic farm hosts. Volunteers work in exchange for room and board and the opportunity to experience farm life. A Homa farm is a very specific type of farm that incorporates Vedic healing fires, vegetarian diet and ahimsa (non-violence) practices that create a unique experience for the volunteer. They blend the physical, social and spiritual worlds into one interconnected happening.

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Northern Poland Stone Circle Activations

In what can only be described as “Synchronicity in Motion,” eight Bhrugu Aranya Homa farm residents (Jarek and Parvati Bizberg, Jacob, Katy, Kabir and Leela Sawyer, Asia Maher, Barry Rathner) and Anne Godfrey visiting from Tapovan Homa Centre in India, embarked on a five-day activation journey through northern Poland on April 26, 2011.

An activation is a subtle process to awaken and release healing energies locked in the soil, stones, trees and water at ancient sacred sites. Our activations all begin with Fire. If it is at sunset, we perform Agnihotra; if not, we begin with Vyahruti Homa, followed by other specific Sanskrit mantras. Each activation is individual, guided in the moment.

Urged beforehand by Orion to move in harmony, though the thought remained in mind, its execution was rather flawless and natural as we made decisions as a group, carried them out as a group and came closer to one another on levels both recognizable as well as more subtle. We were, in short, one family.

Nature complemented our work–we were bathed in sunshine and spring-like temperatures, in sharp contrast to the periods of unexpected snowfall that came two days after our return to Bhrugu Aranya. Signs that Orion had stated specifically as well as implicitly before the trip unfolded before our eyes. When at times it seemed we were possibly lost as our GPS/navigator guided us through barely passable forest roads, we came upon ancient burial mounds and stone circles we had not been aware of–a further sign of how truly guided our trip was.

The mood was light and joyous, though clear and focused at the same time.

It was an exciting, yet at times humbling, experience that was undertaken not a moment too early, not a moment too late, as Orion stated at the beginning of the first activation in Odry.

April 27, 2011
Odry is said to be one of the largest groups of stone circles in Europe. We were fortunate to be able to arrange to rendezvous there with our friend Zosia, a Light worker who lives near Warsaw. She knows the stone circle region very well and offered to be our guide for the day. We met her at the entrance to Odry.

In Odry, we were led to the Ellipse, which is considered to be a site of great power. It is a clearing in the midst of a circle of trees. The soil is sandy, unlike the rest of the park, and no trees grow in that naturally formed glade. Wild blueberry bushes grew everywhere else throughout Odry but not in this circle. It is said that a pyramid is buried under the ground!

When we walked there, my pragmatic mind all but dismissed the tales of power which I’d heard. Then, I was surprised to feel an immense love and energy at the site. I immediately heard the message from Orion:
“Yes. Yes. Yes. Note the timing is exact. Not a moment late, neither early.

“Below this ground lies a tunnel. Myths are only partially correct. Indeed, the energy of the pyramid is returning to activate that which lies underneath, as well as that which rises above.”

It was not till after reading the message to the group that Zosia spoke through a translator, saying that there was rumored to be a tunnel underground!

During the fire we performed there, I saw many ancient-looking, translucent figures congregating all around in all trees surrounding the Ellipse. I saw them enter from the top of the circle and fan out all around in the forest surrounding where we sat with our crystal bowls, drum and Fire. Later, when we all shared what we experienced, Zosia told that she saw Light Beings walking down from the path at the top of the circle. I had not told her where I had seen them begin. We saw the same thing.

Orion continued:
“Here rest one Moldavite chip in the ground directly underneath where the fire was performed. Do so quietly. Let the others move ahead. You and Jacob bury the chip with Kabir’s hand into the ground. Others move on.”

We left the magical Ellipse and walked in silence toward the first of many stone circles. As we approached the circle, I began to hear the stones speak!

The largest stone spoke. Gnoff was his name, he told.
“We are transmitting through you who listen about the world beneath the earth. There are parallel worlds. This you know already. Our voices have long been stilled. Those of you who have come now to us, simply receive our joyous blessing. We will see the changes in structure of Earth and oh, rapidly they are coming. You must align yourself with, as well as work very closely with, the energies of sacred stones.”

The next was a smaller circle of stones and I intuited that it was the Children’s Stone Circle–identified as the silent stone. There I heard simply,
“Water lies beneath us.”

The Gateway at largest circle was very interesting. There were two large standing stones forming a gateway, it seemed, which was common at most of the circles we saw. It was my 10-year-old grandson Kabir who first commented that one of the large stones was cold and the other was quite warm. It was not due to the sun shining on one and not the other, as in fact the one which was cold was the one more directly in the sun! We felt that one was the female stone and the other the male. We all agreed the temperature difference between these two large standing stones was remarkable. It wasn’t until we returned that we read Orion’s original message instructing us to check out the temperature variations at the sacred sites and especially, the stones. We noticed this similarly at Wiesory, the next activation, as well. As we walked through the ‘gate,’ I heard Orion:
“Yes. Yes. Enter the portal.”

Each of the stone circles was numbered. We performed our activation in #5 stone circle framed by the forest. The energy of this circle was very powerful. Orion spoke:
“Yes. Yes. This circle is that of Divine Mother. Receive her blessings, dear ones.

“The circles here correspond with specific star alignments. They are not a random design. As on earth, so in the heavens. It is quite a complex configuration.

“That which is seen and unseen, that which is heard and that which shall remain ever silent–all converge into one.

“The portal is now opened. From this site, this sacred geometrical configuration, the energies release.

“Continue your work all throughout the sacred sites of various regions in Poland. All sacred sites are being awakened now. It is like a network of Lights which, once activated, will shine all at one time.

“This is an intense time. This is when all masks are exposed and veils removed.

“Blessings to all. OM.”

Before we did the activation, Kabir had commented to his dad that, “I bet if you got up in a helicopter and flew over and looked down on this place, it would look like constellations.”

When we read more about Odry site we saw that, indeed, it was said to reflect the form of constellations.

We left Odry and drove to a rented apartment in a nearby village, had a celebratory meal all together and slept like babies. The next morning, we drove on to Wiesory, a few hours away.

The sacred stone circle site of Wiesory is often considered to be the feminine counterpart to the more masculine energy at Odry. It was more inviting, softer and sweeter than the intense energy at Odry.

April 28, 2011 WIESORY

Two large standing stones again formed an entranceway to a series of stone circles. Leela, my 6-year-old granddaughter, leaned into the one rock and said, “This stone is breathing!” I had been leaning into the same rock and had felt it breathing in and out, but had not yet commented. It was amazing how clearly the children felt the stones and were able to articulate what they experienced.

At some of the stone circle sites, there were also large mounds of earth covered with stones and shrubs. These were ancient burial mounds. We all felt great female energy emanating from the largest standing stone in the center of the largest burial mound in Wiesory. I felt so drawn to it. The stone spoke to me, very clearly and lovingly:
“Walk in Light, dear ones, who have come to bless us. Walk in light. This is the valley of the sacred where our ancestors are buried and our ancestors’ bones. You have come in the sacred earth period during which our ancestors offered oblations to the gods.

“We had many gods, Holy Beings which now have lost their homes but who still exist. You are tapping into the Truth and Truth remains unchanged, unchanged as the stone circles you recognize for their sacred properties.

“The stones which have formed here and those which were installed here by human hands–both–all hold healing energies and prayers for the planet Earth.

“Blessings and welcome to all. Do continue to the left now.”

We continued our walk through the magical forest adorned with ancient stone circles. We came to what was considered to be the Guardian Stone Circle, according to a signboard which stood in front of the huge mound of rocks and stones piled in a circle between tall trees, overlooking the lake.

The energy or spirit of the stones spoke:
“‘Guardian’ is the term applied to us. It is not exactly correct, as all stones here serve the purpose of guardianship.

“Oh yes, in this sacred circle a multitude of rocks exists, not in a random pile. Therefore, best not to move them from place to place–and certainly, better not to remove them.

“In this site began the calling to other universes, the connecting and reconnecting to other planets. You are correct. It is not where any ships have landed. It is where the planets of the solar systems were called. It is a sacred circle, now called ‘the guardian.’ If it pleases you, you may call us that. Yet here exists the calling station, through which other planets transfer their messages for this planet. Now it is only trees which listen. But it doesn’t matter. The trees will spread the message. We remain your sentinel.

“With blessings. OM.”

This mound of rocks was actually quite powerful, though not exactly a stone circle. It was situated on high, with a view of the whole forest. We sat in wonder, each of us captivated by the quiet intensity of this stone formation.

Then, we moved on to the last and largest stone circle which bordered a beautiful crystal clear lake. This circle was called “The Offering.” We took that as a sign to do our activation there.

Before the activation, we all sat awhile in a sunny glade at the end of the forest. There, Leela led a lyrical dance whirling around with Anne and Asia, while Katy and I played crystal bowls and sang. Jacob accompanied us on his djembe drum. At one point Jacob leaned back and felt something under his hand. It was a brass pendulum, adding to the magic! The mood was light and joyous. Wiesory had very loving energy. We all felt rejuvenated.

April 28, 2011 Orion–during activation
“Yes, Yes. Of course. It appears that this circle called by the name of ‘Offering,’ has been created in a way which seems far different from other stone circles. The activation need be done at the highest point.

“These activations shall be inside stone circles. The stones shall be standing stones. This circle would do just fine, but at its highest point. Within the circle.

“Concentration shall provide you with more clarity. Activation should begin shortly. Yes and deposit the ash in the water with Mantras.

“All of Nature resounds with harmony. The human element, when brought in line with the spirit, also resounds with harmony. The harmonious interchange between humans and the Nature creates the balance in the world.

“The present world is out of balance. The human element is out of line with the spirit world. Hence, Nature is pushed to her breaking point and retaliates with a mighty force, as the Mother, to protect her own.

“Humans continue not to listen, not to hear, not to adhere to her calling. With each ‘catastrophe,’ greater controls are enacted upon the out of balance structure which can no longer hold the world’s population.

“What work you are doing seems small, insignificant to the naked eye. But our eyes see all, and the work which is being done through you is mighty indeed.

“By activating energies in stones and in water, great changes in human nature can be affected, and energetic shifts which follow will always stir change effectively.

“Your work is complete, save for the burying of moldavite into the earth between the stones at the ‘guardian’ circle.

“Blessings, always blessings.”

Following the long, amazing day, we drove to the empty house outside of Gdansk where we had stayed when we first arrived. We spent the next day visiting first the Baltic Sea and the modernized seaside town of Sopot, followed by a mesmerizing visit to Gdansk, probably one of the most gorgeous cities I’ve ever seen. There were stone sculptures of goddesses adorning many of the stone buildings and a zodiac sundial outside the huge church in the centre of town. Gdansk was breathtaking. We enjoyed a free day of dining and shopping.

Interestingly, when we returned late that evening to our house, we all felt the same. Though we were totally impressed with Gdansk and tempted to spend a second day there as originally planned, all of us felt the same. We wanted to go to another stone circle! Orion had told us that there was a third stone circle site, optional. We felt drawn to the stones, even more than the shops!

So, the next morning, bright and early, we entrained for Babi Dol, which was actually quite close to where we were staying. We had no directions and, as it was not such a public place and much less well-known than previous ones, the actual site was harder to find. We drove through the town of Babi Dol and followed Jacob’s GPS. When we came to a forest road, we stopped, not sure it was the right way. Suddenly, this park ranger appeared. His car drove up behind us! We asked him where was Babi Dol stone circle and he immediately gave us precise directions. We knew this was definitely meant to be!

Babi Dol was called Kamienne Wesele or ‘Stone Wedding.’ The stone circles were overlapping each other, creating a mandorla between the two circles. (The Mandorla is an ancient symbol of two circles coming together, overlapping one another to form an almond shape in the middle, symbolizing the interactions and interdependence of opposing worlds and forces.) There was female and male energy in balance, united. Odry had been the male energetic site and Wiesory, the female. This site was the union of the two. It was quiet and lovely there.

We walked the area, which was right by the side of a back country road. The place was very unassuming, with only one sign explaining its history. When we entered the site, of course there were the traditional two larger standing stones acting as the gateway, the portal to the circles. There were several circles and several which were apparently destroyed, some stones missing. The largest entry stone we dubbed ‘grandfather stone.’ He spoke to us at the end, as we paid tribute to him before leaving.

Kabir noticed the repeated design of triangles cut into the standing stones. Some were even intersecting. (see photo). I felt that, at this place especially, there were interplanetary communications. It felt quite connected with the constellation Orion.

When we gathered under the protective umbrella of trees which surrounded the intersecting stone circles, we all noticed how quiet it became. Once the fire was lit and Mantras chanted, we began sounding the crystal bowls and singing. The winds rose to join us in song. It sounded like a rush of wind blowing all around us. The following is the message I received.

April 30, 2011
At Babi Dol stone circles it was Orion which spoke:
“Yes. Yes. Where now you sit was the sacred site of holy union, but not only between beings of human form–between heaven and Earth, between Light and dark, between elements, between the masculine and feminine. This was what was symbolized here by the intertwining of the circles. Yes, it is true, some stones have been forcibly removed. However, their energies remain present here.

“Yes, yes. The tribes who gathered here differed from site to site, though are commonly referred to as the Goths. There were tribes which broke away from the main tribes and this is one such site. The beings who came here were a breakaway group who splintered off from the whole. Not all were harmonious. Such is the nature of humankind! They lived in relative isolation but had a more elaborate form of communication with spirit world, as well as with other planets and other planetary beings. Eventually this splintered tribe continued south to become reacquainted with those at Wiesory. Interesting archaeological finds from this era can be found, though much less is known about this particular part of the tribe.

“This was not a land of suffering but one of joy and secluded living in nature. It was more hidden, more unknown land, thus perhaps less preserved by later generations. Those who were here were also more the vagabond group, more moving from place to place. They honoured the dead and created mounds of earth under which they were interred.

“Peaceful by nature, more meditative if you will, they were a smaller tribal group and more young tribal beings congregated here before continuing southward.

“What is activated here is a strong spirit of Light and joy, energies for healing and for rejuvenation.

“Blessings to all.”

Before leaving, we took individual photo portraits of each of us in front of the ‘Grandfather rock.’ We thanked him for welcoming us and the resultant ash from our fire was lovingly spread in the ground around him.

I heard these words spoken by what felt to me as the spirits of Babi Dol:
“Whispering winds carry the tales of our ancestors. Here there were many ceremonies involving SACRED FIRE. We welcome yours. It is about time. Rejuvenation of the forest is underway. This is Holy ground. Whereupon our planetary brothers and sisters have stood.

“Ancient modes of communication did involve what you call ‘chanting.’ Thus the element of sound being reintroduced in our area may have brought a pleasant surprise to the spirits who live here. Trees especially respond to sound, to water and sound.

“If you put a small amount of water into each bowl, the elements of water, those who live in water will be ‘activated.’ This do especially on your farm.

“Triangle form is reflected not only in this rock, which is of course the most ancient and revered of all here and the gatekeeper as well. Triangle is associated with the main burial mounds as well as with the entire settlement. It is also connected with the constellation of Orion which can be seen reflected in the stone formations here.

“Oh, blessings to all.”

It was with a mixture of joy and reluctance that we headed off to meet a friend of Jarek’s who had a centre not far from Babi Dol. After meeting the man and Katy being treated to an impromptu horseback ride on one of his horses, we excused ourselves and drove back toward our house.

Somehow, oddly enough, we got quite lost. We ended up on many rough, rocky back roads that seemed more like field paths than actual roads, making what we thought were totally wrong turns. Just when we thought we might never make it back to civilization, suddenly the road got better and we ended up passing a clearing in between tall trees with huge mounds of earth surrounded by circles of stones. We pulled off the side of the road and gleefully ran toward the circles.

There was a sign in English and Polish stating that these were ancient ceremonial burial grounds. On the sign it also mentioned that, when these mounds were excavated some years before, no human bones were ever found, allegedly due to acidic soil. Several of us simultaneously got the feeling that the ancient beings who were buried there had been perhaps transported to another planet!

The place had incredible peaceful energy. As we left we noticed that the site was actually marked on either side of the road by tall wooden “totem poles” carved with what looked to be Pagan Gods of Poland’s ancient past. We walked quietly in reverence through the paths between the burial grounds. It was a mystical, magical end to an amazing day. Incredible, what we found when were ‘lost!’ We returned to our house in time for sunset Agnihotra, hungry and happy.

April 30, 2011 Orion sunset
“Yes, yes, yes. A delightful end to a magical, mystical journey. You have tapped into the magic of this ancient culture. Deep in mythological/archaeological research, you will find more clues to the ancient cultures. Activation #3 was called for simply by calling your hearts. Words were not required. There is more magic to be uncovered in the region just near your farm, as well as in Tarnow area. In Bialowesia, mysteries will be revealed.

“Blessings to all.

“Bon appetit!”

With that, we settled down to a home-cooked meal and slept peacefully with smiles on our faces. The whole visit to the North had been a series of synchronistic events and magical connections for all involved–indeed, rightfully called “Synchronicity in Motion.”

Bhrugu Aranya International Eco-Village Community in Poland

When I was a school boy I remember the other boys and I were talking about what we would do if there was a nuclear war. Everyone else agreed that they would rather die than survive and try to live in the aftermath of such a war. I, on the other hand, felt strongly that I would want to survive and live. There has always been a strong sense of survival in me, and the belief that a better world can be created and will be created.

I was born 2 months premature, and I guess that strong sense of survival, that determined will to live, was born in me then and carried me through that delicate time into today.When I was 28 years old, I remember climbing up towards El Chalten, a famous 3,400 meter high mountain landmark in the Patagonian region of Argentina. I was working at the time as a Tour Leader in the southern countries of South America, and I was entering a time in my life when my heart began to yearn for a new way of living, seeking like-minded people who shared a similar vision. I began to know that the only way forward for me was to live in a community. In fact, I intuitively knew that the future of this planet lay in the recreation of intentional communities, where a new lifestyle and vision for the future could be possible. You see, as I looked around and saw the ails of the planet – the pollution, the fear, the politics, the media, the ruthless corporations, the genetically engineered foods, the pharmaceutical businesses, the unfulfilled lives – I knew that a new way of living was vital, and the idea of organic intentional communities blossomed in my heart and soul.

As I climbed up El Chalten, surrounded by majestic mountain beauty and pristine valleys but overcome by the state of the planet, I reached the highest part of the mountain path that led to a small still lake, and there sat down and prayed, or rather, I made a contract between me and my maker. I once again became determined that I would survive, that a new world could be created and that I wanted to be a part of it. I asked for help to do so, and I surrendered to that purpose.

Within a couple of weeks I had the opportunity to take a giant step towards that goal by first learning the healing fire Agnihotra in Chile. I continued to practice this Vedic fire daily, and returned to London, a place far away from that healthy, organic lifestyle I was searching for! I had half a mind to return to Peru to start a farm in the country of my birth, but I had heard of a community in Poland that was based around Homa Therapy practices, that is, the application of Agnihotra in gardening/farming, healing, psychotherapy and ecological rejuvenation of the environment. After getting in contact with them I was invited to visit.

I shall never forget how, one evening in April 2000, I first winded my way up the foothills of the Tatra mountain area of southern Poland. There was a sense of anticipation, and after driving on a dirt track through forest and meadows with Jarek Bizberg, one of the founders of the community, I arrived at dusk, stepped out of the car and heard this amazing sound; it was the crescendo of hooting owls resounding in the forest around me. Strangely, on my travels I had often seen owls wherever I stayed, and began to believe in some cosmic way that I had some connection to them! What, I don’t really know. Here there were literally hundreds hooting in the forest and of course, not knowing better, I thought it was a normal occurrence here. Actually, after being here 11 years now, I have never heard the like again. I like to believe that I was being welcomed.

I was led through an old enchanting apple and plum orchard to a traditional rustic mountain log cabin and into a kitchen warmed by a cooking range with a large pot of soup simmering on its cast iron top. There I was welcomed by the community members. I looked at their friendly bright eyes, their healthy glowing skin, and saw a group of like minded people, bonded by shared experiences and united in a common vision, and I knew in my heart of hearts, I had finally arrived home.

Bhrugu Aranya Eco-village is like no other place. It has been said that it is Poland’s best kept secret, which is a shame as we would like as many people as possible to discover it and experience a taste of life here. Why is it so special? Not only is the land magical, but the atmosphere here is suffused with the high vibrations of Agnihotra and other healing fires that are performed daily to purify the atmosphere, neutralizing the effects of pollution and radiation in the air, soil and water. Nature is nourished and returns to balance and all life thrives in this supercharged environment.

The tapestry of life here is woven together by us, but the thread that holds everything together is the science of Agnihotra. There is no greater tool for community living, and also family living. It creates a healthful environment that helps heal the planet, protecting one from the damaging effects of pollution and radiation that constantly bombard us. Because of this we are able to grow disease free nutritious crops and super medicinal herbs for the community and for sale.

Then, Agnihotra also rectifies the prana in the atmosphere, the substance called Chi by the Chinese, which has a calming effect on the mind and veers it towards positive thought patterns. In a community this helps to maintain harmony and keeps us positive and creative.

When you come to visit Bhrugu Aranya Ecovillage, you will find yourself rising up before dawn and walking up the stone steps past Mother Mary’s Pond, through the magical orchard and wild flowers to reach the Deva Garden, where guests sit to share in the healing effects of morning Agnihotra fire. Here organic vegetables and herbs are grown in beautiful concentric circle beds to supply the vegetarian community with nutritious food grown using Agnihotra and Homa Therapy methods.

If you come during one of our experience weeks, you will likely meet our community and join in the daily work in the gardens – planting, weeding, harvesting. You may help prepare food or join in the many projects that are always on going. You may wander down for a moment of peace and contemplation around Mother Mary’s pond, or meander around the labyrinthine paths of the Medicinal Herb Garden, where you may run into a laughing child playing within its spirals. The forests around us may entice you into its folds, rejuvenating your spirit with its sounds and smells and soothing you with its lush green vegetation.

We have worked hard at creating a community and it is a continuing process. We have learnt the importance of communication, the fulfilling nature of service, and the joy of creating a wonderful lifestyle for ourselves and the children who are fortunate to be living here. Yes, each individual and family have had periods of hardship and difficulty, but we support each other emotionally and spiritually, and we become stronger and more harmonious because of these personal or collective experiences. Today, I believe we can boast a little and say we have a thriving, successful and happy community that is ready to welcome you for a visit.

We are an international community of 15 permanent members that include artists, musicians, healers, gardeners, herbalists, authors, film makers, mothers, fathers, grandfathers and children. Between us we speak Polish, English, Spanish, German, Dutch, and French. But the true community size includes many people close to our hearts who are around the world living and spreading the life and knowledge of an intentional Homa lifestyle for free.

With this community a seed has been planted. A seed that will grow into a vast tree, and each branch is another community with its own growth, producing its own fruits, but nourished through the earth by the same trunk, extending its branches high towards the sky to receive the light, for the health and good of the tree. I know this is the first of many communities, and each community will have its soul family, its own character, its own purpose. Equally I know that Agnihotra and Homa Therapy can be crucial for the survival and harmony of all these communities.

Yes, I have a vision. We have a vision, you and us. And it is no longer that a new age will be created, it is being created.

As a community we are embarking on our grandest enterprise, a dream we have had for some time but which is rapidly gaining momentum. It is time now to build a Center of Light, where a greater number of guests can stay to experience our ecovillage and learn Agnihotra, where we can offer workshops on Homa communities, gardening, Agnihotra ash and Homa Herb medicines, mandala art therapy, vegetarian and wild food cuisine, yoga and much more. It will be built using natural and ecological materials, and will become a hub of our community where we can better offer all our services and expand the knowledge of Homa Therapy. Donations are gratefully accepted to help bring this necessary dream into fruition. If you would like to make a donation or wish to know more about our community and Agnihotra then please visit the website

Bhrugu Aranya welcomes guests who are truly interested in experiencing our community. Please phone or email if you wish to visit us.

Deva Herb Workshop at Bhrugu Aranya, Poland

Mother Earth created herbs as a natural medicine chest for all beings that inhabit this planet. In ancient times, man was led by instinct and knew exactly which herbs to use.

In modern times where contact with Nature has been lost, our natural inner wisdom and intuition has also been forgotten. Yet the healing plants continue to live in the pastures, forests and gardens. Let us recognize them again and learn to use the amazing bounty of Nature.
Our first Homa Herb Workshop was held at Bhrugu Aranya Homa Farm this July. The workshop was led by Asia, my wife, and myself, in our recently-built straw bale house in our community. For ten years we have been growing Homa Herbs and gaining practical experience in their medicinal uses.

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Conversations with Trees

It was a gorgeous, sparkling, full moon day at Bhrugu Aranya, the lovely Homa Organic farm in Wysoka, Poland. With a lot of dedication and commitment, the healing fires of Agnihotra and Yajnya have been performed there daily for nearly thirteen years. Jarek Bizberg, president of Terapia Homa Foundation, and his wife, Parvati, began the farm in 1995. Since then, others have joined them, their families have grown, and they have a thriving international Homa community. Continue reading “Conversations with Trees”

My Experiences at the Three Points of Light of the Planet

To have the opportunity of visiting this planet’s three Points of Light is undoubtedly a wonderful experience, a marvelous opportunity for exploring our thoughts, our feelings and also for clearing any doubts that we may have–those doubts that just assault us, from time to time, without warning!

I would like to share my very personal views and experiences of each of these points. I want to explain how they have helped me not only to confront my demons, but also to almost touch the divine with my senses—the divine inside of each of us that sometimes (or most of the time) in our life we escape from. Continue reading “My Experiences at the Three Points of Light of the Planet”