Concentration Camp Cleansings with Homa Fires – Poland

Here at Bhrugu Aranya Homa Healing Farm, we had a powerful, memorable month of May. Shree Vasant arrived in the beginning of May, accompanied by Anne Godfrey from Australia. Lisa Powers, Maria Broom, Jannette Gregory and Ann Couto arrived shortly thereafter from United States.

Beginning May 7, Shree Vasant led us in doing several cleansings at former concentration camp sites in Poland. At each site, a special Homa fire was performed with additional Mantras chanted. These were very strong experiences for me and for all of us who attended. It is difficult to put into words. It is like delving into the suffering of people which happened many years ago but is still so much alive today — embedded in the soil, the trees, in the wind and the rain. When we went to the camps it felt like a deep cleansing was happening through our bodies as well. Several of us experienced strong physical reactions following the cleansing.
(Photo: Jacob prepares to perform Homa Fire at Majdanek).

When we returned home, the women planted circles of flowers along the path going down to the temple, each circle in honour of the women and children who lost their lives in the holocaust. We gathered in a healing circle for the same, which was deeply moving.

I received Orion transmissions during each cleansing and would like to include them now, with a brief description of each place.

May 7, 2005
We drove to Majdanek extermination camp in Lublin, east Poland, a seven hour drive. We encountered opposition, as is often the case when doing this cleansing work. This time, the opposition came in the form of an unusual detour on a major highway, followed by two rainstorms and two hailstorms! Still, we continued and reached our destination around 3 P.M. Our group, led by Shree Vasant, included Jarek, Jacob, myself, Lisa Powers, Anne Godfrey from Australia, and Magdalena and Piotr from east Poland.

As we approached the camp, some of us were overcome with grief. We walked slowly past the crematorium, on past the bunkers which once held the prisoners of a war so horrific the invisible scars themselves are shocking. We walked behind one building and sat in a circle in silence. We prepared the fire and chanted Mantras. I sang Shmah Yisrael which always comes to me to sing at every camp. The following is part of a message which came that day:
“Yes, yes. During times of grave suffering, terror, pain and loss, so many more are affected. Because these terrific crimes occurred on Polish soil, the Polish people and the descendants of those people carry the suffering in the cells of their bodies. Just as the land bears the scars of war, so do the people.

“This is the time of liberation all over the world. Wherever there has been mass suffering, crimes against humanity—there, cleansings are to take place. There are others who do this work and some are quite successful at it. But with fire, the effects are immediate, the results lasting. When this process is done in the presence of a great Master, the elements of Nature respond to it. The whole vibration shifts. The Master is training you to continue these cleansings and you will be directed where and when. To other sites, He may go, but there will be more sites where He will send you with His blessings. Then too, He will be present. What energy you are moving with is OMNI-PRESENT.”

May 12, 2005
With a new group — Maria Broom, Jannette Gregory, Ann Couto, and Lisa Powers of U.S., Jarek, Jacob and I with Shree Vasant, we drove to the ruins of Plaszow Concentration Camp in Krakow. It was very overcast and, at times, raining heavily. As we entered the area of the former camp surrounded by forests, we saw several different roads, each with signs saying this is way to the site. Shree guided us toward one road and said to drive slowly. Then suddenly, He said to stop the car and pointed toward two tall trees some distance from the road. He said that negative energies could be seen in these two trees. We parked the car, got out and walked toward the trees. There were ruins of buildings just in front of the trees. In the ground just in front of these trees, we saw the foundation of what appeared to have been a very long building, most likely a bunker which was used to hold the prisoners. Jacob and I felt intense sadness at this place, standing by the foundation. I returned to the car alone, followed by the others.

“Oh yes, yes. This place holds old pain and suffering from terrorist regime during which many thousands lost their lives at this very site. There are souls waiting to be released. May they now be free.

“Here at this site were many women who were taken there from the Jewish settlement in Krakow. Here was not only the site of work camp, but also of torture and murder. The energies are stored in the soil, in the trees, in every living organism that existed then that exists now.”

May 15, 2005
“Yes, yes. There are many souls being re-leased now. This work will continue. There is great power in the hands of those who wish to be instruments of the Divine. When the soul longs for liberation, it opens the doors to compassion. When one embraces all of humanity and no longer wishes to separate from the whole but to unite with it, all of Nature supports this one. Through embracing all of humanity, one is able to accept her own limitations, as well as to celebrate and honour her own abilities. One can rise above one’s limitations. One can build bridges to overcome blockages. One can channel one’s energy or redirect one’s passion into healing. One thus expands one’s mind as one opens one’s heart. What one could see as borders melt away and the greater picture can be seen so clearly, no longer framed by one’s own desires, attachments, expectations or judgments. It is as if one climbs the mountain and is gifted with a view so expansive that it changes and charges the cells of one’s body and energizes one’s mind, thus rendering it completely transformed.

“Then, one must return to one’s people to inspire, to educate, to assist them in their transitions so to see the greater whole. Do not expect they will see it as you do. However, know that it is not enough that you have seen IT. You must share IT.

“IT IS THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY THAT IS TO BE HEALED. RADIATE TRUTH. SEEK THE TRUTH. LIVE THE TRUTH. Do not be afraid to face the truth in you. Light is Light.


May 25, 2005
Shree, Jarek and I took a train to Warsaw in the morning. We were met by several people there who took us via taxi through what was formerly the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto. As Warsaw was bombed during the war, the entire city was demolished and has since been rebuilt. So, there were monuments erected at the sites of the former ten feet high brick wall which encircled the ghetto, etc. We began driving slowly through the streets of the former ghetto area. When we came to one monument, which I felt very strongly about, we stopped. There we per-formed one Homa under an old tree. After-wards, we found out that this monument is the Commemorative Gateway, built on the site of the ramp, known as Umschlagplatz (collection point), which was used for rail-road transport to Treblinka. Names of 400 Jews are etched on it. The train station began its first actions in the summer of 1942. Hundreds of thousands of Jews passed through it en route to Treblinka extermination camp. The following message was received there:
“So many suffered at this site and all throughout Warsaw. Yet, this signifies a greater liberation than that of one people, one religion, one caste or one group. This signifies freedom from oppression and the insistence in all hearts that such crimes shall never again be committed.
(Photo: Parvati at the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto Memorial).

“We honour those many families and their families who followed them, and the families still to follow who suffered senselessly at the hands of men trained to kill. Innocents lost have returned again. On this day, many souls are being freed. It is truly a great time of redemption and of liberation. This terror and subsequent distrust is locked into the hearts of many Poles even today. It is fear that has been handed down through generations. We propose to break this chain of sorrow, to create a new world in the hearts of all humankind.

“We bow to honour those who have fallen here and those who have closed their eyes to the Light. May they be re-opened.”

We all experienced such a deep communion with those who came before us and with all of Nature during and after the cleansings at the camps. As always, this work is healing on many levels and words do not enter into the sphere of understanding it affords. It has been quite transforming.

During the weeks that followed, Rudra Yajnyas were performed daily by Jacob. The interaction of all the women working in harmony together was rejuvenating for all and for the farm too. Anne Godfrey worked her magic on transforming our small Mother Mary’s pond into a mini paradise, surrounded with willow trees, landscaped with rocks gardens of spring flowers. Maria Broom wove us all in a circle of dance and gracefully decorated the new Deva Shala which will be a place for healings, creating Bhrugu Aranya essences, and women’s circles. Lisa Powers led Dances of Universal Peace. Jannette Gregory provided an inspiring positive communications workshop. Ann Couto and Asia Maher shared healing herb lore. Everyone gave their hands and hearts to the many gardens and joined their voices in song.

It appears that there is no longer time to sit and wait for things to happen in our lives. So much is needed on a global scale to help our planet survive. We’ve been hearing such shocking reports on how damaged our beloved Earth really is. I know people often don’t want to hear about it. They may be too engrossed in their own day to day survival or in the comforts and pleasures of a relatively unscathed existence. But all of that could, and most likely will, come to an abrupt end once the environment can no longer take more abuse. That time is nearing now. Simply “not littering” is no longer enough of an effort to make. We all really need to take a good long look at our lives, as well as our environment and ask ourselves honestly, “How can I help? In what way can my life be of service, so that I am giving back to the Earth even while I am taking from it? What practices can I be doing which honour and heal the Earth?” And then, do them. Be that which you have been waiting to be all your life. Live this very moment exactly how you want to live to mor row. We have today, this very breath, this very moment in time.

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