Miracle in Cochiguaz, Chile

Cecilia Salazar Fernandez writes from Cochiguaz, Chile:
We have had a lot of work to do in the cabins, physical and psychological work.

One night Francisco woke up around three o’clock in the morning and saw four burning pyramids in the room which we occupy in the Albericoque house. It is the same room where Shree Vasant appeared with fires. This time there were only the pyramids with fire; there was no one with the pyramids.

A few days passed and because we were in the midst of what is called “the Bolivian or Altiplano winter” in the mountain range, there was a little rain during a few hours, but very little. There was lightning and there were thunderstorms.

That day Francisco did one hour of Om Tryambakam Homa in the morning and one woman doctor who is staying there started some meditations of Green Tara, which she had stopped doing for a few days, but that day she, as well as Francisco, received guidance to do something special. That was February 15th.

Around 2:40 P.M., the gardener was running all over the place, warning the people from Cabins 1 and 2, the biggest ones, and the ones which are adjacent to the vineyards of the west side of Albaricoque, to vacate the cabins immediately because an avalanche is coming from the Kanakana Mountain, which is in front of Albaricoque from the north side. We saw an immense river of mud rapidly coming down towards us and the cabins from the brook which has the shape of a triangle. The people started to go up the road and get farther away from that river of mud.

With Francisco, we did the opposite. We got closer to the avalanche, while people were desperately yelling at us to get away from there. Francisco started to chant some mantras, while with our hands we were trying to do some mudras, and also saying, “Back, back! In the Name of Shree Vasant, this is going to be saved! Om Shree! Om Shree! Om Shree!” like this, one after the other. Meanwhile, on the other side where the mud should have filled the parking lot first and the big cabins, a wall of mud three meters high rose up towards us without advancing, not even to reach a car which had remained in the parking lot because it had not been possible to get it out. The back of the car was touching the bamboo-like fence which was leaning towards the east and was full of mud on top of it. The car, however, had not received one single stain of mud.

In conclusion, the avalanche literally turned and because a wall was formed on the side where we were reciting the mantras, the river of water and mud passed by the side of the fence of the cabins without touching even a hair of the place.

The people who were there could not believe it and they took many photos that they said they will send to us.

The television people came the next day. We gave our testimony that thanks to the fact that the healing fires have been done in that place for twenty years, the place has been protected.

The following night, Master Vasant appeared in Francisco’s dream and said:
“I do not know when and of what magnitude the second avalanche will be. Be alert, especially when it rains, and do Om Tryambakam Homa.”

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