My Experiences at the Three Points of Light of the Planet

To have the opportunity of visiting this planet’s three Points of Light is undoubtedly a wonderful experience, a marvelous opportunity for exploring our thoughts, our feelings and also for clearing any doubts that we may have–those doubts that just assault us, from time to time, without warning!

I would like to share my very personal views and experiences of each of these points. I want to explain how they have helped me not only to confront my demons, but also to almost touch the divine with my senses—the divine inside of each of us that sometimes (or most of the time) in our life we escape from.

We are only capable of rescuing the chance for this contact thanks to the loving guidance of the master, who points us in the direction of the divine path, towards the exact place where the key to reopen the door to the real world is.

South America. Elqui Valley, Chile

This region is especially dear to me. The beauty of the surroundings stole my heart at a very early age. The colours of the mountains and hills, the pristine environment, the purity of the air all seduced my soul forever! The area has the clearest, brightest sky on the planet. For this reason it is one of the few places in the world where within a short distance there are many observatories. Way before I met Shree Vasant and started practicing Homa Therapy, I used to visit the valley with various spiritual groups, to meditate up there. All these people in one way or another were answering the call of the “parallel 30”.

When I heard that an Indian Master, Shree Vasant, had come to the valley, as he tried to locate a very specific place there, it simply confirmed what I already knew–that this region was very special, indeed. Some years later the true importance of this place, particularly one spot on the River Cochiguaz, was revealed to us.

However, darkness is drawn to wherever there is light. The valley also attracted other groups less clear about their intentions and values. It became fashionable to go up there. Despite this, that special spot on the river never seemed to draw the attention of the masses of tourists who came in their hundreds during the eighties and nineties. Thank God for that! The divine protection was working there – subtle, but powerful.

It is interesting to point out that in the valley, once inhabited by Incas and Diaguitas, there are no temples or monuments built by those great civilizations that used to live in the region a long time ago. There are no ancient ruins, at least not visible to human eyes! Here, Mother Nature is the living temple, who opens her arms to us as we enter into this enchanted land. However, not everyone is ready to truly listen to nature and its creatures. So, not everyone who comes to these magic mountains finds what they are looking for. Quite a few come down frustrated and annoyed, feeling that their journey was a waste of time. However, those who are willing to surrender themselves and listen to the soft, sweet chants of the angels and nature spirits who live there will encounter unexpected surprises, not only in the whisper of the chilled water of the River Cochiguaz, but in the infinite sky, which will open slowly to show its treasures.

To visit the Elqui Valley it is not necessary to be loaded with books, sophisticated equipment or special paraphernalia to perform complicated rituals. This valley holds incredible mysteries. Only if one is able to renounce any pre-conceived ideas and use the inner vision to fully admire and connect with the Divine Mother who resides there with eternal beings, then and only then shall one be able to understand the true magnificence of this place. The presence of Shree Gajanan Maharaj and Shree Vasant is so strong there– at times, almost at a physical level.

I recommend you visit this land, especially the part where the road ends and only the Andes comes to welcome you. In this zone the Yajnya fires should burn constantly, so that finally this place can recover the majesty of its origin; so that at last, the energies coming from the other two points of the triangle of light are able to vibrate and resonate in unison with these great sacred mountains and with the healing water of the ancient and sacred river of Cochiguaz.

Should you ever decide to go there, you will understand what i am talking about and perhaps through the healing fires, you will be taken back to ancient times, when we all were dancing with the same celestial rhythm, when we were one and the fires were eternal, indestructible.

Europe: Bhrugu Aranya, Wysoka, Poland

My experiences in these three Points of Light make me think that each of them, individually, awakens something inside of me. I find that if we are alert and vigilant, we may even be able to understand the meaning of what we experience in places like these.

Bhrugu Aranya, in Poland, is another point of the triangle of light. Here, there is a very active Homa Community and healing centre. The majority of you probably get the interesting and inspired Orion Transmissions, which come through Parvati Rosen-Bizberg, one of the members of this community.

I first visited this place nine years ago and have done so every year since. Still I have fresh memory of that first visit especially when I met Jacob Sawyer, another resident of the community. I was waiting in a car with other people, on a street near the center of Krakow. Walking towards the car was a young couple. When I saw the young man, who was still a teenager, approaching the car, my heart started to beat so fast and I said to myself, “I know this boy, I know him”. When he reached us and before anyone had introduced us, he hugged me and said “good to see you again!” there was, however, no way that we had met before, at least not in this lifetime! I have no idea if now, nine years later, Jacob still remembers this occasion, but I have never forgotten it. It was like meeting an old friend, a very dear friend, a lost brother! It was not necessary for me to ask anything. I just knew in my heart that this first trip to Poland was the beginning of a new stage in my life.

Three couples, four children, numerous cats, two dogs, four cows, and any number of Devas, nature spirits and enchanted beings live at Bhrugu Aranya! The place is beautiful. On a clear day there is the most magnificent view of the Tatra Mountains. One thing I love most about this community is that it is simple and rustic, with a great garden. My favourite spot, apart from the woodland, is the Mother Mary pond.

When I first visited Bhrugu Aranya, Jarek and Parvati Bizberg had moved there only two years earlier, so there was just one log house and nothing else. Today the community has developed so much. I have been blessed with the opportunity of visiting them once a year, sometimes twice a year, normally when Shree Vasant was there, since 1999. This was the first year that Shree Vasant wasn’t physically there in May. His presence, though, is very strong, as it is in the valley – almost tangible.

Every year I see so many changes in this community, in the land and in the people living there. During these last nine years I have come to realize that Bhrugu Aranya is a treasure which is not always appreciated. Sometimes we get trapped by the forms we take and hooked by the personalities of others, without realizing the great opportunity that is standing in front of us. For me, Bhrugu Aranya is the perfect place to learn to how to silence our mind. To silence the voice is not enough, when it is the mind which presents the greatest challenge, at least for me! It is at this centre where, on one or two occasions, I discovered that if one silences the mind, the divine opens its doors, giving answers to our many questions in life. For me this place contains something very special — deep truths, something difficult for me, with my intellect, to describe. I am grateful to each member of this community, who has been through the lessons with me so many times. The human interaction at Bhrugu Aranya is what makes the difference between this point and the other two.

If you ask me, I would say that Bhrugu Aranya is the Land of Tapas (self-discipline). Here I have learned that divine intervention manifests in human form, in real form, and sometimes even in a very strong and blunt way. Nevertheless, this is usually our own ego reacting to external circumstances. What I have experienced in this community is nothing but love, in abundance–real love, the kind that forces you to look inside yourself and accept without regrets that there is still work to do, that there is still plenty room for improvement! So too, Bhrugu Aranya, signifies Swadhyaya to me.

I strongly recommend a visit to this community in Poland if you have the opportunity. Go without expectations, with an open heart and with the commitment to work on yourself, without hiding behind a mask, without fear. Last but not least, I strongly advise you to spend some time with the children. Each of them holds the treasure of wisdom and a torrent of universal love energy. Of course you must also interact with the humble cows of the farm; they too have something to tell you!

Goshala, Narmada River, Maheshwar, India

It was said that from this place, the Divine Sound to heal the world will start and expand all over the planet. I understand that is like a subtle breath coming from deep within the heart of the sacred Narmadá River. Twice I have had the opportunity to visit Goshala, the place where Shree Vasant now resides. On both occasions I experienced the same feeling of great sadness, almost anguish. It was as if the pain of the whole planet was bearing down upon me. It was indeed a very odd sensation, more so when I was sitting down by the River Narmadá.

I must confess that I know little about the symbolic meaning of the Narmadá in the Hindu tradition; all I know is what Shree Vasant has told us or what Orion has said. I do not have any doubt that for me, visiting the sacred river is a purification process. It is like having all your pain and deep fears washed away by the Narmadá, as if, even without touching me, these beneficent waters help to remove any internal conflicts that I may have, without my knowing. The energy of this place is very strong. It is where the master lives and also where the sacred fires are burning constantly, purifying everything and everyone.

After the Somayag the energies have increased immensely and you can see that in every aspect: a very productive organic garden, more than thirty happy cows that love the fires and an atmosphere that is just so pure. Another thing that really had a great impact on me during my last visit was having the opportunity to be with Kusum, Shree Vasant’s wife. Her kindness and grace that she shares with all who visit are like a balm that calms any troubled soul. It was a great healing experience just to sit down next to her, sometimes even in silence, contemplating the wonderful view. Just being, rather than doing!

This place has changed so much since my last visit. Now it is truly a beautiful oasis, thanks to the incredible artistic talent and commitment of, Anne Godfrey, Aaron Kidd, Sarvajit Paranjpe, Karin Heschl, Hrishikesh Paranjpe and Bruce Johnson, among others.

If you have the opportunity to go to Maheshwar, do it, even if is just once in your life. To stay there is such a privilege and I have no doubt that everybody will experience a deep transformation, even if it is not perceived as such.

I am grateful to God , to Shree Gajanan Maharaj and Shree Vasant, for the opportunity of having visited these three important places on the planet in this life. Let’s keep the fires burning and continue sending light to these points, thus helping to restore the harmony and balance on earth.
Let’s keep the sacred fire burning constantly, not only at the physical level, but in our hearts and souls!

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