Satsang Volume 46 No 3

Children’s Summer Programs at Ancient Oaks 2018

Shree Vasant said to bring the children from the city out to Ancient Oaks Homa farm in Westminster, Maryland, and we’re doing it! Here’s today’s third group this summer, from Creative City Charter School in Baltimore. Their sweetness and happiness really saturated the whole place.
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Satsang Volumen 46 # 2

Centro de Luz – un Milagro en Curso

Hace tres años atrás, el Centro de Luz era tan solo una idea, una visión que fue bendecida. Ahora la construcción de 3 pisos está tomando forma con paredes de paja/barro, múltiples habitaciones, un salón principal y vistas espectaculares de las Montañas Tatra.
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Satsang Volume 46 No 1

Volunteers Needed for Centre of Light!

Join us this summer at Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya in building the Centre of Light with clay, straw and wood chips. There will be opportunities to participate in natural building workshops and to experience this unique Homa Farm and Ecovillage in southern Poland, one of three Points of Light on the planet. Help manifest Shree’s vision of the Centre of Light, environmental educational and healing centre for all.
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Satsang Volumen 46 # 1

Se Necesitan Voluntarios para el Centro de Luz

Únanse a nosotros este verano en la Ecoaldea para la construcción del Centro de Luz con barro, paja y virutas de madera. Habrá oportunidades para participar en talleres de construcción natural y de experimentar esta singular Granja y Ecoaldea Homa, al sur de Polonia, uno de los tres Puntos de Luz en el planeta. Ayuden a manifestar la visión de Shree del Centro de Luz, un centro de educación medio ambiental y de sanación para todos.
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Satsang Volume 45 No 7

Growth of plants in Agnihotra Atmosphere and with Agnihotra Ash

Seeing is believing, it is said. The following articles in this series document, in some detail, the positive results of Agnihotra and Agnihotra ash on growth of plants, plant resistance to disease and pests, shelf life and other parameters of quality, taste and quantity.

It is difficult to over-estimate the potential such information has for a world beset by climate influences causing difficulties to agriculture.–Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya

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Satsang Volume 45 No 6

Scientific Aspects of Agnihotra: Effect on Seed Germination

by Dr. Ulrich Berk,

(Quantity of food worldwide – especially in developing countries – continues to be an urgent issue.
Quality of food in developed countries – especially in the age of the spreading of the GMO scourge – is a less publicized issue [in part due to obfuscation by vested interests]. In both cases, the proven potential of Homa Organic Farming in yielding greater quantities and quality of food should not escape the notice of all. The following article shows the effects of Homa on seed germination – the first step in our food chain. – Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya)
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Bhrugu Aranya Newsletter – January 2018

Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya

January 2018

           U P D A T E S   ●   N E W S   ●   E V E N T S   ●   A R T I C L E S

Dear friends,
Now is a crucial time in our lives and in the life of our planet, for all of us to really focus on our highest purpose. It is easy to get swept up into the times, the chaos, turmoil, stage of constant dramas whirling around us. But, each of us has a higher purpose to fulfill in this life, this precious life. There has never been a greater time than now to manifest yourself, your work. Focus needs to be clear and undivided. 
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Satsang Volume 45 No 5

2017 Agnihotra Equinox Event

Equinox fire, from Jolanda Stots, Netherlands
Some years ago we started a Global Sacred Fire Event during the Equinox period, and it was a great success. So many people around the world had joined and Agnihotra fires moved around the planet at sunrise and sunset. This year we repeated this wonderful experience, creating a grid of Sacred Fires all around the world, to help build a critical mass to elevate consciousness on planet Earth.

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Satsang Volumen 45 # 4

Ecoaldea Bhrugu Aranya Verano 2017

El verano en la Ecoaldea Bhrugu Aranya estuve lleno de visitantes de diferentes países, incluyendo Estados Unidos, Australia, Suiza, Alemania, Canadá, China, Hungría, India, Turquía, Tailandia, Israel, Chile, Brasil, Holanda, Italia, Romania y Polonia! Como siempre hubo un animado intercambio de ideas y experiencias, así como sanación recibida de los muchos fuegos que se realizan aquí diariamente. Verdaderamente somos Un Solo Mundo.
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