News of Homa Therapy in Australasia – June 2012

Agnihotra in New Zealand Workshop Tour Nov 2011

workshop in NZ

Workshop in small rural community, Awhitu, Nth of Auckland

Lee & Frits travelled through the Nth & Sth Island of NZ teaching Homa Therapy.
There were big crowds and small but overall lots of people took up Agnihotra and it feels now like Homa Therapy is truly established in NZ. Fifteen workshops were organised and 4 more were spontaneously added to the itinerary. We also had 4 radio interviews and 2 or 3 newspaper articles published.

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News of Homa Therapy in Australasia – July 2011

Ralph and Sushi Ballard Warburton Victoria

In April and June 2011, Lee Ringma conducted Agnihotra workshops in Melbourne. Dr Ralph and wife, Sushi Ballard sponsored two workshops at their beautiful property in Warburton. We had the mutual feeling that Warburton was a sacred place of mountains and healing water and that the nature was calling for the protection and rejuvenation of Agnihotra.

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Agnihotra Australasia Newsletter – March 2011

Homa Therapy presentation in Malaysia
Frits and Lee presenting Homa Organic Farming at the Agri-Business Conference

Homa Therapy Teaching Tours to Malaysia 2009/2010

At the invitation of Mr Alan Yong and Mr Wong, 3 successful Agnihotra/Homa Therapy Teaching tours have taken place in Malaysia with public talks organized in most major Cities and visits to various Organic farms.

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Agnihotra Australasia Newsletter – July 2008

Satsang at Om Shree Dham
Sunday Satsang at Om Shree Dham with healing Fire and meditation, devotional singing and vegetarian feast.

Many International and Australian Wwoofers help at OSD Many Wwoofers from different continents have stayed with us and taken Agnihotra back to their home country. Taylor from Canada stayed with us for 4 months helping Frits with building, doing cow dung duty, feeding the cows, gardening etc. He took up Agnihotra and contributed to our daily Om Tryambakam Yajnya as well. He is now back in Canada working on an Organic farm and introducing Agnihotra to his hosts. We miss him dearly.

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