Homa Therapy News – Australian and International, Oct 2020



 Homa Therapy News – October, 2020


  • Best Tomatoes with Agnihotra
  • Zoom Agnihotra Workshops Fortnightly
  • Marvelous Agnihotra Ash Water Spray – Om Shree Dham
  • Scientific Validation: Reducing Microbial Load
  • An Experience of Purifying Swamp Water with Homa Therapy
  • Healing Viral Infection in Throat over Night
  • Om Shree Dham, Homa Therapy Centre Australasia
  • Demonstration of How to Perform Agnihotra
  • Demonstration of How to Perform Om Tryambakam Homa
  • Contacts for Homa Therapy in NZ, Singapore and Philippines



Marko Petrovic- Pachamama Organics, Gippsland Vic

A short anecdotal experience of our 2019-2020 summer season in particular with our tomato crop. Unfortunately due to poor timing with a few projects we had happening on our land we had planted our tomatoes fairly late to respective growers in our west Gippsland region. I had comments ranging from:
-“Don’t waste your time”
-“You’ll barely get a chance to yield anything”
-“They might not even fruit”
-“You’re a bit late aren’t you?”
In short, when most growers in this area are planting their tomatoes between October and early November we were planting out of seedling trays in mid to late December. Already well into the peak of our summer heat and much question as to what the survival rate of our plants would be.
For ease of expressing the benefits we had with our Agnihotra applications I’ll break it down in the following way:

  1. Seedling transplanting success rate
    Due to the fact we were planting in the heat of summer, there was question as to how many plants would survive. So we ensured with each seedling there was an application of Agnihotra Homa ash applied to the roots of each plant. We had planted 1,000 seedlings and I was honestly expecting a 20-30% die off… We had only 2 plants perish!!!!
  2. Pests
    As our crops began to fruit there was a strong attack of pests in particular caterpillars boring through all the green fruit and it simply dropping off the vine. The infestation was so strong that I had considered eliminating the tomato crop all together. Prior to that we attempted a daily sunrise application of Agnihotra Homa ash diluted in water applied to foliage and fruit every sunrise for a period of about 2-3 weeks.
    And it worked beautifully! As if the butterflies migrated from one paddock to the next, for the rest of the season there was less than 5% of crops that had been affected by any pests and I’d say 5% is generous in this instance.
  3. Early Maturity
    Even though we were the latest to plant our crops in this general area, interestingly we were the first to have ripened fruit ready to sell to all the local eateries, food hubs and farm gate visitors.
  4. Harvest
    The harvest far exceeded the general yield per plant expectation that was suggested to me from our seedling growers with about a 20% stronger yield.



Delicious, healthy long lasting tomatoes

The longevity of our plants was outstanding!!! Typically in our Gippsland area tomato plants wilt and die from the cold/frost by about April. We found ourselves still harvesting well into May and early June. Even though there had been a few frosts the vines maintained vigour and the fruit was still fantastic.


Marco placing stakes for tomato planting

In short that was our fantastic Agnihotra growing experience for the 2019-2020 summer season which has inspired an even larger and more diverse garden for the 2020-2021 season as the feedback from customers was phenomenal to our Pachamama Organics produce.

This year I’ll be running better records of exact yields and results and looking forward to giving another update in a future newsletter.

Love, Peace & Health from
Marko Petrovic- Pachamama Organics

ZOOM AGNIHOTRA WORKSHOPS FORTNIGHTLY-  No charge. Next Zoom meeting 30 October 7.00 PM

 The work of spreading and teaching Agnihotra goes on despite changes brought on by the coronavirus. Homa Therapy Association of Australia is holding Zoom meetings conducted by Certified Homa Therapy Teachers, to teach and discuss Agnihotra.

Usually the meetings are held every second Friday at 7pm . Occasionally, a meeting may be scheduled around sunset Agnihotra.

We encourage long time Agnihotra practitioners, as well as newcomers, to join us. Those who learned Agnihotra many years ago may not have learned some of the details and refinements that Shree Vasant Paranjpe taught during the later years of his life. Besides, we’d like to meet you!

If you would like to join any of these meetings, please email Lee and Frits Ringma on info@agnihotra.com.au  so that we can send you an invitation.

Please state:
–if you are interested in Agnihotra
–if you are new to performing Agnihotra
–if you are performing Agnihotra and seeking more in-depth information about it.
–Your location/time zone
We look forward to meeting with you!

 Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 898 404 1185

Passcode: 2z73br



Adam, Wwoofer from Ireland who has been here 4 months now, blissing out spraying Agnihotra ash water on the citrus.

“One of the simplest yet most effective Homa Therapy techniques which you can carry out at home to increase crop vitality and production; particularly as a harsh summer of high temperatures into the 40’s and high UV rays beckon.

From personal experience ash water spray is the answer to a food growers’ prayers. Charged with life force from the sun which enlivens our planet everyday, there is an immediate effect on plant health both visually and energetically. Overnight leaves are greener while flowers are more vibrant and aromatic. One even sees new shoots on young brassica seedlings over night and a great increase in fruiting flowers on fruiting trees within less than a week. The few minutes spent on each plant or tree is invaluable.


Incredible increase in health and vitality of brassica seedlings overnight


 (Editor Lee Ringma -A week ago this pomegranate tree above was struggling. It’s leaves were pale, flowers few and far between. The vitality levels visibly low. Now it is radiant and fruiting flowers have never been so abundant in the 10 years plus of this tree on our land.

We need to add that as Frits and I are now in our mid 60’s, we stopped ash spray as the spray pack was too heavy for our backs and other priorities on the land needing our attention.)

 To create the ash water spray you simply fill a clean food grade drum with water, add 4-5 handfuls of Agnihotra ash (for a 200 litre drum)and leave exposed to the sun for three days. Ideal is to fill a copper bin but these are hard to find and we find the ash spray works well when made in food-grade plastic drums. Best covered with a tarp of some kind during the night so as not to allow rain, insects or birds to tamper with the charging water. After 3 days use a jug and a fine sieve to pour it into your spray pack ( a spray pack that has never been used to spray chemicals) and that’s it, away we go. It’s advised to apply it 1-2 times per week before Sunrise or after Sunset but around Agnihotra time is sufficient. We have good results spraying an hour before sunset. Happy Spraying!” Adam Murphy


Shree Vasant

‘The world has changed in the last ten years as it has not changed in the last ten thousand years.

This knowledge (Vedas) and some of the things I have come to share–information–were known all over the planet. They were known by your ancestors, my ancestors. But in the course of time, the knowledge got lost and is now again being revived by Divine Will. It is absolutely the necessity of the hour to have this information.

There are so many things told about pollution in this ancient body of knowledge which is as old as creation. I will give you a few examples.

It is told that when pollution goes beyond the limit there will be a change in the nuclear structure of vegetables and man will not be able to digest them. How to bring the plant back to its original state? For this, this simple Agnihotra is the method given.

We are told that if things become too bad, then Yajnya is practiced to bring about a change in the sex of the male honey bee so that the male honey bee starts secreting certain hormones which become medicinal for the atmosphere. It helps growth.

How to deal with oxygen, nitrogen-fixing bacteria? How to grow your food by this method? All this is done by Yajnya. So, what is Yajnya? Yajnya is the purification of the atmosphere through the agency of fire. Agnihotra is the basic Yajnya.

Agnihotra Nourishes Plants: The ancient science of Yajnya tells us that if you practice this Agnihotra, so long as the flame is going on, there will be thousands of aura energy fields around each and every blade of grass, every plant, every tree in the vicinity. The first effect of Agnihotra goes beyond the planet and it rebounds back to the pyramid, bringing with it nutrients from above the planet. These nutrients get sucked up in these aura energy fields and the plants get nutrition. The plants become happy and give a feedback effect of love to the atmosphere.’ Shree Vasant Paranjpe

  SCIENTIFIC ASPECTS OF AGNIHOTRA: Reducing microbial load in general and particulate matter in atmosphere
Dr Ulrich Berk, Germany

 How Agnihotra helps our health

Agnihotra reduces pathogenic bacteria and other pollutants in the air and purifies water resources in the vicinity. We are breathing in healthy air and drinking pure water – thus building a strong foundation for good health.


Microbial count reduced by 70% after Agnihotra


Showing the reduction of microbial count in the atmosphere as measured by settle plate method


Showing the reduction in polluting particles in the air


Reduction in pathogenic microbes in water



Martha Ramírez

Huanuco, Peru, South America

“The land that was bought in the jungle, had been without use for a long time, because there were swamps. Nobody felt like buying such a terrain without useable water. There are many areas with swamps and nobody could do anything with these.

Then we bought the land and we started doing the Homa Therapy fires there. And we observed how the swamps became sources of clean water!

When the people saw this, they wanted to buy back the land. When they saw that the water was no longer useless, they wanted to give us twice as much as we had paid. But we did not sell it.” Martha Ramírez



Shikha Sharma with her eldest son

Shikha Sharma Chaturvedi, Westend, Delhi, India, “ I am 38 years old. I would like to share my experience with Homa Therapy. Yesterday was my first time that we practiced Agnihotra. I took some of the Agnihotra ash home. My youngest son is 4 years old and he had a terrible viral infection in the throat. He had much pain. So, last night I gave him just a pinch of the Agnihotra ash and this morning he was fully recovered! I did not see the need to give him even one dose of the regular medicine. So, I definitely want to continue this every day of my life!

We are living in Delhi, one of the most polluted cities in the world. Almost every week, I suffered from allergy problems and had to take medication. So, yesterday, when I entered the Agnihotra session, I had come with shooting pain and something like a lump in the throat. While I was  inhaling the Agnihotra smoke, the pain began to go away. And as soon as I had just one pinch of this Agnihotra ash, the pain left me completely, completely. And it has not returned. So, I hope with the Agnihotra practice I do not have to take more medication.”


Homa Therapy Teaching Centre and Homa Organic Farm Australasia

  Services provided by Om Shree Dham

  Contacts for Agnihotra Supplies in NZ, Singapore and Philippines

 New Zealand

Darryl Sang, Auckland, darryl@sang.co.nz


Ajuntha, ajuntha.anwari@gmail.com


Pamela Fernandez, pamela_g_fernandez@yahoo.com

  Accommodation at Om Shree Dham – Caravan or BYO tent or mobile home. For those who wish to imbibe Agnihotra and Homa Therapy into their lives as well as benefit from a healing and transformational Homa Biosphere created over a nearly 30 year period. Contact us- info@agnihotra.com.au

 Learn how to perform Agnihotra and other Homas  – People are welcome to drop in half an hour before sunrise or sunset Agnihotra to experience the healing transformative atmosphere and to witness how it is performed. Phone first so we can let you know the Agnihotra times and our availability. 02-49981332


Daniel, Wwoofer from WA and Adam Murphy performing Agnihotra

New Demonstration video of how to perform Agnihotra –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFRbAu6uxNk

Demonstration of how to perform Om Tryambakam Homa –  https://youtu.be/7ZgeZkB8I18

NB Regular practice of Agnihotra creates a biosphere full of Prana and micro- nutrients in perfect balance. This provides the foundation for performing the other Homas in Homa Therapy such as Vyahruti Homa and Om Tryambakam Homa. These derive their potency of effectiveness from the foundation that ongoing regular practice of Agnihotra creates.

Om Tryambakam Homa cannot attract the flood of Prana. This can only be attracted through sunrise and sunset Agnihotra practice.

Om Tryambakam Homa fortifies the Homa biosphere with more nutrition, fragrance and heightened vibration from the ongoing mantras being broadcast through the Homa. Om Tryambakam Homa is also a wonderful aid to purifying the mind, helping one to go into the witness state, leading to equilibrium and peace.

 Sunday Satsang at Om Shree Dham – Most Sundays from 11am to 1pm we have small gatherings here where we meditate, sing devotional songs and read inspired texts. All welcome. Please ring to confirm your attendance. 02-49981332


Vyahruti Homa, meditation with Lingams, Crystal bowl sounding, mandala drawing are some of the activities at Satsang

ZOOM- Agnihotra Introduction, Demonstration and Q&A via Zoom fortnightly – we send notification of date and time of Zoom workshops via email.

 Outreach through Free Workshops and Talks in person – If you are a good networker and would like to organise a workshop on Agnihotra and Homa Therapy in your vicinity – contact us – info@agnihotra.com.au

We are also available as Presenters at Conferences/ Festivals, etc. Homa Therapy is always taught free of charge world-wide. We appreciate help with travel and accommodation expenses through donations.


Lee Ringma conducting an Agnihotra workshop in Kensington, Melbourne, Vic


New Agnihotris receiving instruction and performing their first Agnihotra at a workshop

  Online shop. As well as supplies for Homa Therapy we specialise in providing other powerful healing tools including Narmada Lingams, Yantras, Moldavite, raw and set as pendants and superb Meru pyramid, Life Enhancing Vials, Natural Incense traditionally made. See www.agnihotra.com.au/Products.

Information and Supplies for Homa Therapy. See www.agnihotra.com.au/Products   Copper pyramids and copper tools for Homa Therapy are made at Om Shree Dham in Homa atmosphere. Everyday cow dung is collected from our 2 resident Brahman cows to make dung patties for Homa Therapy.


Extra thick gauge copper pyramids for Homa Therapy

Work Exchange at Om Shree Dham – We are welcoming skilled volunteers to help us with the farming and building. Once the Retreat Centre is built we will be holding various courses here related to Homa Organic Farming, Homa Therapy Teacher Training, and much more. Contact us if you wish to give a hand. info@agnihotra.com.au


  Enjoying the winter sun during a break


 The new Retreat Centre in progress

May there be Love, peace and healthy environments for all,

 Frits, Lee, Ana, Karen, Joy and Adam


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