Thy Will be Done

When mind desires something, mind accepts, rejects, mind becomes sad or happy, then bondage is created.
When mind desires nothing, worries about nothing, then it is liberation.
When mind is engrossed in sense pleasure, it is bondage. When mind becomes unattached, it is liberation.
Desire is bondage. “Thy will be done” is liberation. Non-attachment means totally, “Love thy neighbor.” Then you experience the state, “I am in the world but not of the world.”

On Vedas and Pollution

The world has changed in the last ten years as it has not changed in the last ten thousand years.
This knowledge (Vedas) and some of the things I have come to share–information–were known all over the planet. They were known by your ancestors, my ancestors. But in the course of time, the knowledge got lost and is now again being revived by Divine Will. It is absolutely the necessity of the hour to have this information.
There are so many things told about pollution in this ancient body of knowledge which is as old as creation. I will give you a few examples.
It is told that when pollution goes beyond the limit there will be a change in the nuclear structure of vegetables and man will not be able to digest them. How to bring the plant back to its original state? For this, this simple Agnihotra is the method given.
We are told that if things become too bad, then Yajnya is practiced to bring about a change in the sex of the male honey bee so that the male honey bee starts secreting certain hormones which become medicinal for the atmosphere. It helps growth.
How to deal with oxygen, nitrogen-fixing bacteria? How to grow your food by this method? All this is done by Yajnya. So, what is Yajnya? Yajnya is the purification of the atmosphere through the agency of fire. Agnihotra is the basic Yajnya.

Agnihotra Nourishes Plants

The ancient science of Yajnya tells us that if you practice this Agnihotra, so long as the flame is going on, there will be thousands of aura energy fields around each and every blade of grass, every plant, every tree in the vicinity. The first effect of Agnihotra goes beyond the planet and it rebounds back to the pyramid, bringing with it nutrients from above the planet. These nutrients get sucked up in these aura energy fields and the plants get nutrition. The plants become happy and give a feedback effect of love to the atmosphere.

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