Agnihotra on ‘Gavisa’ Farm in Togo, West Africa

Marco Brutschin (Fotos a la derecha con su amigo, el agricultor Komla, en Togo, África) comparte su

       "Mi amigo agricultor, Komla de Togo, África, me contó que a pesar de la sequía actual después de haber empezado con el Agnihotra llovió fuerte en su finca, sin embargo en los alrededores nada.
También le ha ayuda muchísimo con su salud.
Le pedí escribir algo de sus experiencias con Agnihotra para el Boletín Homa y aquí son extractos de esta carta de Komla:"

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Agnihotra on ‘Gavisa’ Farm in Togo, West Africa

Marco Brutschin (Photo right with his friend Komla, a farmer in Togo, West Africa) shares his experience:

       "My farmer friend Komla from the village Yépévié, Kpalime in Togo,  told me, that after starting with Agnihotra, despite the current drought, it rained heavily on his farm, but not in the surrounding areas.
    It has also helped him greatly with his health.
I asked him to write something about his experiences with Agnihotra for the Homa Newsletter and here are excerpts from his letter:"

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Agnihotra Started at Arsha Vidya Ashram, Belgaum, Karnataka, India

Eng. Vinayak Lokur shares about his visit to Arsha Vidya Ashram:

              "On the auspicious occasion of the Hindu New Year, Agnihotra practice started at Aarsh Vidya Ashram, Belgaum. It was a pleasure interacting with the girls and noting their interest in our ancient traditions and in self-development. Continue reading “Agnihotra Started at Arsha Vidya Ashram, Belgaum, Karnataka, India”

Always Attune Yourself to that Higher Force

        Always attune yourself to that higher force and you will be constantly taken care of as if a hand is above you directing you to your goal.

         Take care of yourself and your family. Spend time together and apart. You can do all activities and enjoy your time together and still do meditation. It is difficult staying with your family, but at least you are doing Agnihotra regularly. Spend some time alone also.

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Satsang Volume 44 No 2

Akasha restaurant extra cropped

Agnihotra on Bali

Robert Bagnall

Bali is a place where much of the ancient ways are still honored and practiced, yet much has also been forgotten, and the westernization of the culture seems to be gaining momentum among the youth here. As Smart Phones and the internet are having a major impact on the culture, the ancient knowledge of the Vedas has also returned and today we are blissfully witnessing a resurgence of interest in Agnihotra by locals and foreign visitors who come to Bali to partake of the beauty and reconnect with nature.

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