Agnihotra in Bali, Indonesia

Robert Bagnall practises Agnihotra at Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat in Bali, Indonesia.

“Morning Agnihotra starts the day off in the best way possible.”

Photo right: Robert performing Agnihotra with Lux Lawrence Cochrane.

Homa Therapy Helps Children

How to help children with Homa Therapy?

Agnihotra has a calming effect on children. Hyperactive Children respond to Agnihotra immediately and, with time, they become much more calm and focused. The Agnihotra has very positive effects on the nervous system and also assists with respiratory disorders. Especially asthma! My son was raised in a Homa household and was always a calm, alert and kind child. Now all children are very similar, children are naturally creative and peaceful. It’s amazing how Agnihotra works wonderfully with the health and well-being of children.

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Homa Agricultural Workshop in Togo

     Marco Brutschin wrote about his Africa trip:

"I am sending you a picture of my trip to Togo together with friends from France. I have been able to visit this beautiful country and do a Homa agricultural workshop in the GAVISA farm of our dear friend Komla. He is an organic farmer who has a training center for agriculture in the village Yépévié, Kpalime, Togo. Komla has all the necessary materials and is eager to start Homa Therapy." Continue reading “Homa Agricultural Workshop in Togo”

It is Your Duty to Become Full of Love

       If you are capable of being full of love then it is your duty to become full of love. If you feel you have been full of love and sincerely devoted then try to get to that state again. All is not lost. One moment of ‘Thy Will be done’ brings us into the Light again. You see how, when one has given some devotion to some measure, you feel the love. Doubts and fears work against the fibre of devotion. When one loses that devotion, one becomes again just a normal man. When you are devoted, any land is your home. When you have that sincere total devotion, faith, though you fall, His love is unbounded. His Grace is unmatched by any force in this universe. When you develop that feeling truly of ‘Thy Will be done’ everything is automatically done for you.

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Application of Agnihotra Ash for Enhancing Soil Fertility

Excerpt from the International Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology Research (IJSETR), Volume 4, Issue 7, July 2015

Chanda Berde, Arvind Kulkarni, Arati Potphode, Anand Gaikwad and Snehalata Gaikwad
Department of Biological Sciences, Gogate Jogalekar College, Ratnagiri.

The effect of addition of Agnihotra ash to farm soil was analysed. Four farm soil samples and one soil sample from newly purchased land were selected for the study. Initial microbial count was taken before addition of ash. Ash supplemented soil was analysed after incubation of one week. The microbial count of soil before and after ash addition was enumerated. A marked difference in the count was observed. Addition of ash results in increase in the overall bacterial flora, including the effective bacteria i.e nitrogen fixers and phosphate solubilisers while reduction in the fungal flora was seen.

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