Bhrugu Aranya – Centre of Light in Poland, Europe

Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya – Future home of Centre of Light

“This place is magical. The energies here are quite powerful and the place heals you. Bhrugu Aranya is an ancient place of fire which has been rediscovered in this time. We feel we are guardians of this sacred site. Often Devas and Angels have appeared here”.

This ancient sacred site lies in the majestic Tatra Mountain region of southern Poland. The atmosphere at Bhrugu Aranya is infused with high vibrations from Ayurvedic healing fires that are maintained daily. It is this energy that radiates to heal the Earth.
At this site, an organic Homa farm and community began in 1995 and is growing. We are now fourteen adults, four children, three cows, three dogs, many cats, and ducks.
Jarek Bizberg started a non-profit ecological/educational Homa Therapy Foundation to teach Vedic methods of Homa organic farming, alternative medicine and atmospheric purification. We offer teaching of this ancient science of Agnihotra all over Europe free of charge.
The other community members offer a myriad of skills in herbal lore, massage, healing, organic gardening, vegetarian cooking, music, and art therapy. We hold women’s circles of Light, as well as healing circles. We are a creative group who value the arts as an integral part of organic living.
We invite visitors to experience transformation in a peaceful yet energetic, creative, healing environment – a place where Spirituality meets Ecology!
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Bhrugu Aranya is an ancient land of Yajnya and it is one of three Points of Light on the planet that are being maintained for planetary healing as revealed by Shree Vasant.

Part of His plan is to create the Centre of Light, not only as a venue for teaching Homa Therapy, but also as a safe haven for the coming times. It was Shree Vasant who instructed us to build the Centre of Light, and He continues to bless and guide this project.

Computer generated Architect´s drawing of completed Centre of Light.

      As some of you may know, Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya in Poland has been running a fundraising campaign to help raise money for the ongoing construction of Centre of Light. On completion, Centre of Light will be able to accommodate over 30 people, and house a fully vegetarian café, a large hall for workshops and classes, and individual rooms for various therapies, and a creative arts studio.
  This year we have raised approx. 50,000 Euros ($60,000) for the current Centre of Light campaign! Although our target for this phase is 90,000 Euros, this is an amazing achievement and we are all so very grateful for all the generous donations that have come from around the world.
    The builders are now continuing construction of the next level and our goal is to have the structure and roof completed before the onset of winter. We are, therefore, continuing our fundraising efforts, as we still need 40,000 Euros ($48,000) to achieve this aim.

Centre of Light phase 2 construction,
completing the wooden structure and roof.


We are also making preparations to have the clay ready for the natural straw/clay walls which we will start in Spring. This is why it is so urgent to have the roof completed, as it will protect the clay work and allow us to conduct natural building workshops to help in this labour-intensive phase.

    As long as Shree Vasant was traveling, He never failed to come to Bhrugu Aranya for the September 9th anniversary celebrations.

Shree made the caretakers of this land aware of how important it is to maintain the fires here and to create a way of life that revolves around Agnihotra and Yajnyas.

We are forever grateful to those who have generously donated towards the Centre of Light. We need to make a final push to raise the remaining amount necessary to complete this next phase of building. We have all the faith that it will be done, but we need your continuing support and help to manifest the Centre of Light.
If you wish to donate, please visit our campaign page:

We are always open to fundraising ideas and to new contacts who can help us. If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate
to contact us.
If you are from the US and would like a tax deduction:
Please donate through our affiliate NGO in the U.S., Fivefold Path Inc.
( and choose “Centre of Light, Poland” project.
With gratitude and love,
All of us from Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya Homa Community

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