Radio Interview with Dr. Humberto Lema in the University of Quindío, Colombia

Dr. Humberto Lema
Armenia, Quindío, Colombia, South America
Excerpts from a Radio Interview
in the University of Quindío

Dr. Humberto Lema

        Homa Therapy is a Science of Healing and comes from Ayurvedic Medicine. I studied conventional medicine, but I have been practicing Alternative or Complementary Medicine for 24 years. With Homa Therapy, Healing is TOTAL.
 We are in the times of rebirth of ancestral knowledge.
     The Fire element is the one that governs the heart, the digestion, the small intestine, the blood vessels, etc.
Let’s remember that the heart is related to the emotional body. Our emotions are seated in the heart, to put it that way, and that’s where the activity comes from.

       The word emotion comes from Latin motiere, which means to set in motion.
Desire, emotion, moves us. The practice of Homa Therapy helps us to cleanse the emotional body. If we do only this, we will be able to transcend many imbalances. We know today that conventional medicine, especially psychiatry, prescribes many medications to alleviate and help in coping with suffering and anxiety, depression, etc.
        Through Homa Therapy, what we basically seek is to heal the surrounding environment. If the atmosphere is healed, we also heal ourselves, because each one of us is part of the environment as well.
   I suggest, perform the Agnihotra fire, do it with great dedication, and over the course of a few days you can experience its results.
       A huge and serious problem in public health, especially in Quindío, is the issue of mental health, especially among young people. The evidence of this is the number of suicides that are occurring, child abuse, violence within the Colombian family and the femicides that are reported each day.
We have to quiet our mind, because remember that a crazy mind can make us barbarians. Homa Therapy is a great help in the renewing our mind. And the Agnihotra Fire goes directly to work in the purification of the heart.
Because intentions, hatred, anger, fear, resentment, etc. come from the heart, causing all the suffering that we experience day to day.
      Homa Therapy basically purifies the emotional body. Then the emotions that we have are: Joy, Love, Wellbeing, Compassion, Health.

Homa Therapy is something very simple, very practical, but very punctual and very powerful. It is time to do it in the community and especially with the young people.
     It is awareness that we need to work on a day-to-day basis.
   Agnihotra and Homa Therapy are perhaps our last chance or opportunity in the therapeutic scale that remains to heal the earth and everything.

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