Living Consciously

Every person living on this planet today has his/her own baggage, past karma, history, preferences, desires, aversions, goals, duties, fears and expectations.

When you encounter another human being, you can choose how you are going to relate to them. You have to make the choice to approach others from a place of love in your heart. Then, no matter which way they approach you, they cannot harm you in any way. Always react with Love.

Others may be defiant or doubting your veracity. They may be accusatory or critical, or they may be defensive. When you take full responsibility to come from a place of loving kindness, you have the distinct possibility to uplift others and help them move closer to the Light. To do this, you must live more consciously, think more harmoniously.

Remember that the power is in your hands, in your eyes, in your voice, in the words you speak, in your touch.

When you learn to live consciously, everything inside you changes and all who are around you can receive Light if they are open to.

From Our point of view, there is no other choice but to do this now. And there is no better time than now.

Practice being conscious to think positively, speak kindly and do all actions with love.

All love and blessings.


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