On Agnihotra Ash

On Agnihotra Ash
It is true that Agnihotra atmosphere heals and a special system is set up in ancient tradition whereby the person who performs Agnihotra, when they ingest the ash from the Agnihotra they performed, the Agnihotra ash becomes especially healing, as does the Agnihotra. Another reason why everyone should make their own Agnihotra pyramid fire.

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Homa Therapy News – Australian and International, January 2021



Homa Therapy News – Jan 2021

  • Agnihotra…a game changer for humanity and the planet
  • A workshop on Agnihotra; Barker’s Vale, Northern NSW,  March 6th 2021
  • Agnihotra in France
  • The healing effect of Agnihotra on our animal friends
  • Can Agnihotra neutralise unhealthy levels of EMF from Electricity and Wi-Fi ?
  • The importance of pure cows ghee for Homa Therapy
  • Om Shree Dham, Homa Therapy Centre Australasia
  • Zoom Agnihotra Workshops every Friday fortnight at 7pm Eastern Standard Time.
  • Demonstration of how to perform Agnihotra
  • Demonstration of how to perform Om Tryambakam Homa
  • Contacts for Homa Therapy in NZ, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines



Carol and Jay – Barkers Vale, Northern NSW Australia

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