Maria Magdalena’s MiniYoga for Children – Part 8

Maria Magdalena Bernales

Part 2

Excerpt from the book,
“Yoga and Meditation for Children”
written by Fran Rosen and Bonnie Maltby.

 Do you remember where we left off the story of Bindy and Bandy?
Here is how it continues:
“But who was that at my window?” Bandy thought, and then he asked in a very shaky voice. “Who is there? Who is that? Who is it?” A little golden light shown like a star just below the petunia plant by the windowsill. Bandy looked closer.
He was curious now.
   It wasn’t a star; it was a bright little light. “Open the window, it’s cold in the night.” Spoke a teeny tiny voice from the little bright light.
  Bandy pushed and pulled, but the window would not budge! He tried again and was just about to give up and say “I can’t”, when the little voice from the light said: “No, no, no, never say ‘I can’t, first you say ‘I can, I can. Then smile, count to 10 and try it again! Go ahead, try it and see”. Continue reading “Maria Magdalena’s MiniYoga for Children – Part 8”

Events Have Changed the Course of History

(Message given through Parvati)

December 31, 2020

        Now this is the end of a pivotal year in the history of humankind. Events that took place in this past year have changed the course of history and created new avenues for the world, in communication, in cooperation and in transportation! Indeed, the changes have been quite severe and a reduction of travel, a reduction of interaction between people has erupted. We see these changes as temporary, though not without profound effects.

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