Homa Therapy in Rehabilitation Centre, Piura, Peru

Young men giving their testimony, experiencing Agnihotra in a Rehabilitation Center in Piura, where Prof. Abel and retired Commander Simon Cavero provided this service of teaching the Fivefold Path on a weekly basis:

S. Castillo:
       "Before we started with Homa Therapy in this Rehabilitation Center, I had constantly nightmares. These woke me up scared and they bothered me a lot. Every night nightmares, they were that constant.
      Then, this Therapy of Fires have been cutting off the nightmares. So, I started sleeping better and since a few days I have been sleeping all through the night, without any nightmares. Thank you."

F. Flores:
      "I recently arrived here at this rehab center. I have been blaming myself for the relapse, not being able to stay clean. I have been blaming not only myself, but also my whole family. In this Homa Therapy session, which we have just done, a memory came to me with my wife and my children, a beautiful memory that we had on a trip and suddenly peace and tranquility came over me.
         And now I feel good about myself. It’s weird and I don’t know, but I came here full of guilt and blame a few days ago and now I feel peace and it feels good."

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