When Carrying These Mantras to the People

You have to get a little acclimatized to this material world without getting into it.
The effect of bad Karma can be wiped out by intense practice of good Karma and more YAJNYA.
You are in the world. You have to move among the people. Do not become like the people in a worldly sense, but, at the same time, never think you are “above” the people. It is like you walk through a crowd of people but you don’t mingle for long. You keep the pace walking through the crowd. You have to have this direction. WALK ONLY THROUGH THE CROWD, NOT INTO IT.

        No amount of power brings happiness. Eventually the body is even overcome by this quest for power and control.

       Greed is the most evil of all sins.

        You go a step higher and your opinion itself dissolves. Then all you speak is HIS WILL. Persistence breaks resistance.

          One has to be quite humble when carrying these Mantras to the people. If there is any ego involved, the effect will be diminished actually. You can see when someone chants Mantras in this vein. Then, when someone chants with humility, it is more powerful, more pure. The Mantras themselves carry purity. Therefore everyone who chants them should bow their heads, at least in the mind.
Keep the mind pure. Just as one takes great pains to bathe and be clean in clothes when performing the Yajnya like Rudra Yajnya, so one should empty the mind of any blockages to that purity. When we say ‘carry’ the mantras to the people it is like carrying the sacred flame as in old days from house to house. Mantras are also sacred.

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