We Must be in Control of the Mind

        We must be in control of the mind, not the mind in control of us. If every small thing can either rise or fall this mind causing ‘mood changes’ constantly, then there can be no serenity, no peace of mind, no clarity of thinking and thus no positive direction can be attained. So aim first to control the mind to be on an even keel with every event – positive or negative – in one’s life. Do you understand?

         This can be achieved through discipline. To discipline the mind, even to grasp the concept, one has to go into disciplining the body. Thus dietary Tapas, meditations, Yoga, All of this helps. This is only a beginning. Agnihotra gives the boost that begins to clear the mind of subtle distractions brought on by fear, doubt, anger, lust, etc. Through Yajnya one can achieve such higher states that otherwise one may only get a glimpse of in this lifetime.

           Service is the best way to cleanse ourselves of Karma, debts incurred in past lives and present as well. If you follow ‘Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself’ in thought, word and deed, you automatically become the fit instrument for service. This is how you get rid of the chain of Karma. The law of ‘reap as you sow’ is inviolable. GRACE is an aspect of this law.

         Main thing required for this work is humility. Everything begins inside. It is not an idea or a concept. Practice of service to others will breed humility. Then quite naturally it will develop. All the time service. Think of everything as service and you will find great joy in it.

         When two people seek to control what is uncontrollable, inevitable disagreements arise. Let one person take another approach. Then the whole thing changes. Outwardly you blame each other. Inwardly you blame yourselves. Better to have full forgiveness of yourselves, of each other and be full of love towards each other. Don’t say, “Oh! There is no love here.” Bring your love here.

           Then, reserve 1 day each week for silence. Do Yajnya, write, clean, whatever. Put the phone on answering service and until 12 noon keep silence.

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