Dr Ulrich Berk Presents Homa Therapy in Chile

        "The Fivefold Path Foundation organized a series of talks and presentations, both in Santiago and other regions of the country. In these, Dr. Ulrich Berk (Ph.D.) shared with the audience in a very precise, clear and accurate way some of the results of research made so far and the work that in recent decades, he has been doing to encourage scientists to investigate the enormous benefits of Homa Therapy, whether in the fields of agriculture, medicine or other sciences.
(Photo below during sunset Agnihotra in the Ayurvedic Center.)

At one of the talks held in Santiago in a Center for Ayurveda studies, Ulrich talked about Homa Therapy and health and how Agnihotra may decrease the levels of stress, among other things.

This topic was the subject of a research, which is still in process, carried out by students of Medicine of the University Finis Terrae in Chile. These experiments and researches will continue, even though some immediate results have already been obtained. More details on these studies will be officially published in the near future.
        Another topic of his lectures was Homa Organic Farming. He had the opportunity to meet with various officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, both in the center of the country, as in the South, where we stayed for 4 days.
Ulrich met with a group of organic farmers from small and medium-sized farms. They were interested in hearing about Homa agriculture and how they could implement it on their land. The talk was informative as well as practical, speaking of the use of the ash in the plantings, in production of Homa Biosol, etc. These farmers are now aware that climate change is undoubtedly affecting them, despite using organic agriculture. Recently in this area of the South a volcano began erupting after having been passive for over a hundred years; also last summer, we were told, was a hotter season than usual and without rain, which is unusual in the area.
During those days, thanks to the efforts undertaken by the agronomist and Agnihotri, Paula Heinsohn, Ulrich also had the opportunity to make a brief presentation about Homa agriculture to a small group of important officials of the INIA (Institute of Farming and Stockbreeding Research) who are in charge of projects and research in the area of organic farming. These officials were very interested in the subject and it is expected that next year they will submit a project at regional government level, for the implementation of Homa Agriculture at the level of organic farmers in the area. Meanwhile, they intend to begin to do some research on the use of Agnihotra Ash."

           "Coming back to the capital, in Curacaví, an agricultural area near Santiago, Ulrich gave his last public talk, in the Town Hall of Curacaví, to a group of farmers and individuals, interested in learning a little more about Agnihotra and Homa therapy and its practical uses. The following day was Ulrich’s last day in Chile and we went back to Santiago for a private meeting with a former adviser of a past President of Chile, who was in charge of issues related to air pollution, and now is head of an institute working in this field. This was a very good meeting, especially because this person was willing to do some experiment to see how Agnihotra could greatly help to solve the problem of air pollution in the capital of Chile, which suffers severe air pollution. He has all the equipment and instruments to start with some tests, so now it is important to follow up on this. It was a good last meeting with some good possibilities of further research.

           Dr. Ulrich Berk (photo right, in front of the Agnihotra Fire) remained in Chile for a bit more than 3 weeks, bearing a tight schedule during this period, giving lectures and specific workshops, but also having informal meetings with Chilean Agnihotris and old friends.

      Many ideas and new projects are now on the table, including managing Homa Therapy Teachers Certification and the future training of Homa agricultural technicians, in the country.

       Time will tell how this will develop, but I have no doubt that the visit that Ulrich has made to Chile has turned "the wheel of fire", so-to-speak and we can see an interesting future on the topic of promoting these sacred fires, at a more scientific level but at the same time at a very practical level as growing food. Above all it is unified work with a constant exchange between the international family of fire.

    I personally want to thank the organizers of these events, Dr. Ernesto Vega and his wife Dr. Andrea Chavez, Paula Heinsohn, Héctor Rosas, among many others, but specially to Karina Ohme for her tireless work, her big and friendly heart and infinite patience and for welcoming us in her home for 3 weeks!  

     Thanks again to Ulrich, for having accepted the invitation to come to the end of the world land! We hope that he will be able to return to Chile in the future; especially to once again have a dip in the wonderfully healing waters of our sacred Cochiguaz River (photo left), in the Elqui Valley, that he also had the opportunity to go to on a short visit. We hope it will be longer next time!"

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