12th International Congress of Complementary Medicine, Santiago, Chile

        "The 12th International Congress of Complementary Medicine was held August 22-23 2015, in Santiago, Chile and featured promotion of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy.
  The Congress was organized by the School of Oriental Medicine and Culture, the Amanecer Clinic, and Fivefold Path Foundation Chile, a foundation recently created for the support of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy.
(Photo below shows the audience during the dissertation of Prof. Carlos E. Bustamante about Sanskrit and Vedic Philosophy.)

       Dr. Ulrich Berk (PhD.) from Germany (photo to the right), spoke about the effects of Agnihotra on human health. His lecture was very well received by a large number of the Congress participants.
   Sponsors of the Congress were the Faculty of Medicine of Finis Terrae University of Santiago, and the Medical Association of Chile.
      On the second day, two students from this university presented a research paper on stress reduction effects of Agnihotra. These studies were conducted at the suggestion of  Drs. Ernesto Vega and Andrea Chávez.

     Stress level was measured by testing hormone concentration in the saliva. In order to avoid placebo effects, the persons tested were not performing Agnihotra or even sitting for Agnihotra; they were just sitting for some time in a room next to the Agnihotra room.
Still, the results were highly significant. This was motivation to start a larger experiment with more people and over a longer period of time. Also they will try to find a way to show any differences in a scientifically acceptable way among being next to an Agnihotra room – sitting for Agnihotra – and performing Agnihotra oneself (avoiding the possible objection that it is all just due to placebo effect).
In the two days, more than 50 Agnihotra kits were sold, evidence of peoples’ enthusiasm about Agnihotra after listening to Dr. Berk’s talk.
    He talked about how regular practice of Agnihotra can lead us to a happier life in harmony with nature and each other.

        "Dr. Purushottam Rajimwale from India, grandson of Shree Gajanan Maharaj (who revived the practice of Agnihotra in modern times), spoke on Ayurveda. Also he gave a workshop on the second day of the conference on Ayurveda and diet, with practical solutions, easy to use in everyday life.
      Dr. Berk has been working for many years with various universities around the world, urging scientists and researchers to conduct more studies on the effects of Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash and their underlying mechanisms. One of the things he said that created a strong impression among those who did not know of this technique, was that this fire, performed in such a small copper container, has such immense power, which not only produces significant environmental changes, but in many levels of our lives.

   (photo right shows Mrs. Jimena Clarke, Agnihotri and Homa promoter)
After nearly 30 years of living in England and having only returned to Chile 12 months ago, it was a wonderful surprise to hear about the visit of my dear friend Ulrich Berk. So I came down from my beloved Elqui Valley to have the privilege to accompany him and be at his service as his translator during his stay in Chile, and also to share with old and new friends.
Events like these help us to consolidate ties, unify our knowledge, learn from those with more experience, but above all interact in harmony with each member of our global family of fire.

      There is no doubt of the impact that the visit of Ulrich to Chile had, especially in giving a push to the promotion and teaching of this magnificent tool that Shree Gajanan Maharaj, via Shree Vasant, has left us, for these times of so much misery and uncertainty which our society faces.   
(Photo below: practice of Agnihotra during the Congress.)

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