Wait Before Speaking

Practice this today.
Where is the question of NOT feeling joy? Do Mantra.
Let only HIS words come from your lips. Wait before speaking as if you had a filter between your thoughts and your speech. That filter screens your thoughts and only allows those of Purity and Light to come through. You come to know that you are the thought, the word and the filter. This is how you learn control of speech.

            More meditations. More silence. Inculcate wisdom through silence. Have no judgment.

           What is occurring now is there is a great surge of energy circulating now. Those who are prepared are being brought into that higher state. Then the energy can be fully activated for this higher work on the planet.

              Because you expect to be down, let down, you try to become depressed or worried or afraid ahead of time. It is like rejecting a person before they reject you. It is foolish. There is no reason to be depressed. Just make consistent effort.

            You see one level and feel some of the energy on another level. However, there is so much more you cannot imagine. A person is kept in that very innocent state because what is being done through him is not what can be understood on an intellectual level. Because you don’t know what it is but still you have respect for it, this energy can operate. You can be used as an instrument more and more. THIS IS A TIME FOR FULFILLMENT.

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