Homa Therapy Teachers’ Certification Course in Tapovan, Maharashtra, India

The first Homa Therapy Teachers’ Certification Course was held at Tapovan in India from February 22 to 24. It was a 3 day residential course. A small group of experienced Agnihotra practitioners attended the course.

They included Dr R.K. Pathak from Lucknow, ex-director of ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research), Mr. and Mrs. Anand Gaikwad from Thane who have a Resonance Point on their Homa farm, Mr. Umakant Tiwari from Unnao who also has a Resonance Point on his Homa farm, Mr. Aaron Kidd from Australia who is working here in Tapovan and also in Maheshwar and Mr. Sanjay Patil, who is the manager of the Tapovan Homa farm.

Facilitating the training were experienced Homa Therapy teachers, Dr. Ulrich Berk from Germany, Karin Heschl from Austria, Anne Godfrey and Bruce Johnson from Australia and Abhay and Sarvajit Paranjpe from India.

Practical demonstrations were given by Karin and Anne on how to prepare Agnihotra ash medicines. All the participants enjoyed being able to prepare their own medicines. These included preparation of Agnihotra ash powder, Agnihotra ash/ghee ointment, steam inhalation, eye drops as elaborated by pharmacist Monika Koch from Germany.

Also Karin showed some aspects of Homa Therapy seed treatments and the participants joined in with planting some vegetable seeds.

A comprehensive resource package covering all aspects of Homa Therapy, including printed materials and CDs was given to each participant.

Participants were all given certificates after completion of the course. The participants expressed their appreciation in learning so much about Homa Therapy which they did not know previously.

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