The Task Before You is Large

         The task before you is large. Approach it step by step. For this, you must have a plan. To be enthusiastic is the beginning. Pay attention. Follow the disciplines.

To not know how these things work, to not know what is being done through you as an instrument, this is the best way. Once you come to know, then the intellect comes into play.

        You can be very quick if you want. You can be alert and you can be very clever. So use this in a positive way. Instead of being "Quick to Anger" as the saying goes, you can be quick to love, to understand, to take positive actions.

That requires complete reversal of thinking process. Then your thought is, "How can I best be of service?" Then there is no question of being quick to anger. Anger is a trap for you. It is not uncommon. So work on that. How can I be of service? Again Humility.

       If one learns to curb these physical/sexual desires and channel the energy into SERVICE, creative expression through art, music and through KARMA YOGA and meditation, then the love of the material world of desires becomes less. Then the pull of physical attraction becomes less, and ultimately it is overshadowed by attraction to SPIRITUAL ENERGY IN ANOTHER PERSON. Then one can have the chance to meet another person more equal to their own spiritual development. The physical attraction becomes far less important. Such a union is likened to what is popularly called “soul mates”. This type of marriage has greatest chance at achieving harmony and balance with love and compassion for another person! The focus in such a marriage becomes not each other’s needs, but the needs of others. Such a union is wonderful, but one must first control one’s sex urges and one’s appetite for material things.

        It is like your diet. You can say ‘no’ to fattening foods or junk foods, isn’t it? Treat anger, etc. also in the same way. So if you are hungry, you might say ‘no’ to a chocolate bar and give yourself a salad. Treat the emotion that is blocking you in the same manner. Say ‘no’ to it and give yourself some time to calm down. The anger is only as powerful as you allow it to be. If you give it the rein, it is like a wild animal is, as you know, untamed. Do discipline the mind and tame the emotion.

       Those that are now taking drugs, smoking pot and drinking alcohol will soon be surprised to note that these substances begin to have an aggravating effect on the nervous system, not only after but also during the so called ‘high’.

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