Dr. Shailendra Sharma

Dr. Shailendra Sharma
Adarsh Institute of Management and Science (AIMS)
Dhamnod, M.P. India

"I am doing Agnihotra for the last 5 years. I found that, before joining my college in Dhamnod, the students were very undisciplined and they did not want to study in the classrooms. They were just wandering here and there in the campus. We have over 1,000 students here.            (Photo  right Dr. Sharma with his wife and daughter.)

     When I joined this college AIMS (photo left)  in 2012, I continued my  practice of Agnihotra at home which is inside the campus as well as in the institute.

      Of course, the effect of Agnihotra is all over the campus. It is visible in the students through their concentration in the studies, behavior,  and active participation in extra-curricular activities like science projects.
     Also, the students were informed about this science through several Homa presentations. Prof. Abel did a Yoga program and audio-visual presentation, Dr. Ulrich Berk also addressed all the students with the Agnihotra method. And I myself did scientific studies with the participation of the students on the effect of Agnihotra on water and soil. They could test these good effects in the laboratory.

        My 7-year old daughter Avani (photo right) does Agnihotra with me regularly and if I am on a work trip, she does Agnihotra independently by herself. She sometimes calls me and says: ‘Dad, I have done your work in absence of you.’ She loves to do it."

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