When you practice Tapa, destiny changes and by Grace, ego is whittled away. All temptation, all desire is removed by Grace. Thus you become more capable to fulfill your allotted task. Then peace and bliss just rain on you.

           The pressure from other planets is great now. So all of you must focus on Meditation and Yajnya. Do Yajnya wherever you go. Move with the fire in all humility as Grace is being given for this work.

       Through your instruments, others will get Light but you also will get Light. Use this opportunity for your own inner development. Through service alone you get light.

        You see one level and feel some of the energy on another level. However, there is so much more you cannot imagine. A person is kept in that very innocent state because what is being done through him is not what can be understood on an intellectual level. Because you don’t know what it is but still you have respect for it, this energy can operate. You can be used as an instrument more and more. THIS IS A TIME FOR FULFILLMENT.

        Be honest with yourselves and look at big, important issues in your lives that heretofore have not been properly addressed. Then greater transformation evolves.

       Our army moves swiftly and is most effective because of devotion. We are not in the habit of gathering followers or giving initiations to more devotees. We are not interested in getting more devotees. We have our army selected and it is through the few we will reach the many.

       It is always better not to fight. If someone disagrees with us, simply let them disagree. They don’t have to agree with everything we are saying. Why argue the point? Be an example of your beliefs and state them in your actions. It isn’t necessary to speak about them.

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