You must let Grace intervene in your life. You need not be in control. Surrender. Let the Light shine forth and all will be given.

           Be willing to change. Then it is all Grace. All Grace.

           Always be grateful for even a cup of tea offered to you.

    Every discipline, meditation is going to help you. Don’t waste precious time. If you were working a full-time job, then you would be busy the whole day. You are fortunate you work at home. 

          There are terrific forces of destruction on the planet today. Greatest time of destruction lies ahead. To all of you committed to healing, these words come as a reminder that in healing others we become healed. Therefore do not wait until you are perfect to begin to do the service for which you have come. HEAL AND YOU WILL BE HEALED. Of course you need to be in the process of healing yourself. Otherwise it is like blind following blind.

            It is not a question of liking or disliking oneself. You take care of the physical body because it is an instrument. You take better care to train the mind so that it too can be utilized as an instrument. If there are habits you wish to change do not concentrate on the bad habit. Replace it with a good one, one which promotes good health and awareness. If you tend to be critical of those nearest to you then make all effort to praise them, complement them. Not to employ flattery, but sincere positive efforts. It will help you. The other person may also benefit, but you are able to break your habit. It is like that.

             We have our worldly responsibilities but now is a crucial time when you must conserve energy and use it in the right places.

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