Suffering Prepares a Person for God

When there is more trouble oftentimes there is more opportunity to teach the fire. Suffering prepares a person for God. Now all of man is suffering the effects of pollution. So Agnihotra can go all over the world now.

       Now comes a time when we have to learn to live in this world and still maintain spiritual life. People generally are not able to integrate the two. Of course that is everyone’s lesson in this time. We cannot run off to the Himalayan mountains and live like monks. It is not that way now.

             In the kitchen the cooks are dealing with energy not only with food. Therefore more Mantras chanted either silently or aloud while actually preparing the food will be best.

         As well, limit the ones who come into the kitchen at the time of food preparation. This will seem unusual at first to guests or family members who are unaccustomed to this practice but it will improve the atmosphere in which food is being prepared and ultimately will aid in digestion as well.

         Post a sign where kitchen is in use. Also, whosoever cooks should have had recent bath. It is not like having to be in meditation clothes but simple cleansed and in clean clothes. These will be the new kitchen regulations.

                Where is the question of sorrow or distress? All of you complain of feeling sad at times, no doubt. You can talk about it but do not let it consume you. Do not become dependent on feeling ‘bad’ in order to feel ‘good’. Do not be attached to either the joy or the sorrow. Mantra all the time. Then you reach a balance and you become attuned to a higher will. Then you do not have mood fluctuations. This is an Attunement.

                  Do not allow things to build up in the mind. These pressures of everyday life can be dealt with one by one, never all at once. Then when it feels too much, meditation and Yajnya with intensity is the key.

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