Inculcate Wisdom Through Silence

             Once you make the choice to serve others in whatever way you can, automatically at each turn, you are given these subtle hints and guidance comes through any channel necessary at the time. Guidance can come in dreams, in everyday conversation with a stranger, in reading; even through music subtle guidance comes.

              You go a little higher and all becomes joy. This is not for future. This joy is within you right now. Once you are filled with this love everything changes. With such a love there are no expectations. ONLY LOVE. Pure and simple. It is waiting for you. Make the effort.

                   More meditations. More silence. Inculcate wisdom through silence. Have no judgment.

                   You allow yourself to be pulled back into old habits as if the old habits are stronger than you, as if the mind has no control. It is easy to say, “I cannot help it,” but in the long run it is easier to help it. Love and purity are there within you. Think how you can better yourself. Then see what comes. All you have to do is make the effort. You cannot lie back and expect the world to fall at your feet because your heart is pure.

                   Do whatever you can with humility and without expectation.

                  If you are very clear about your motivation, your goals and your purpose then others will have more confidence in you.

                 It is always feast or famine in normal life. Ups and downs. That is the way of mind. YOU GO A LITTLE HIGHER AND YOU ENTER A STATE OF JOY. This is THAT. This is where we are taking you.

                 Fortunate are those who walk in the Light for they will be released. Come forward all in unity.

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