Source of Conflict

               You must rid yourself of the source of conflict, not only solve the conflicts as they arise. You must actually destroy the source of conflict itself. What is that source? When one is separate from the Divine, one will always find oneself in conflict. Therefore, effort must be made to open the channel, which lies inside one, which connects with the Divine. This has to be a constant effort. Here Mantra is great help. Now is the time to intensify Sadhana. Repeat the Name. Repeat the Mantra. Let there be sound.

                  Do not hang on to fear or misery. Let it go and fill the mind with Mantra. Do fires, one hour Tryambakam Homa best in morning hours, earlier the better.

           If one sees every face as the face of the Creator, one naturally is in more harmony with one’s own true nature. Therefore, we say, “No judgment”. No fear of judgment also.

             You can see how Grace works. It is like you are on one of those automatic walkways in the airport. You take a small step and automatically you are carried much further.

            You reap as you sow. So consciously sow good deeds. Every small interaction you have is measured. So do all with kindness, with love and with a keen sense of awareness. Be more conscious in your dealings with ALL people, those you see as important and those you see of no importance.

              The mind pulls in many different directions, all the time. Do not fight that pull. Fill the mind with loving thoughts, positive impressions, images that heal. Let go of all the negative thoughts as soon as you become aware of them. All wrong, all pain, let it go.

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