Planetary Destruction at Bay

            Planetary destruction at bay. Last chance for the planet. All the Devas surround the places of fire. Safe havens. The whole atmosphere is charged. It is like the new dawn. It is all bliss, all love.

            With Divine guidance if you are not there, there is no answering service or automatic fax. If you are out you do not get your message. Observe strictly meditation and Homa timings.

          There is such great suffering in the world, such pain and loss. All those who are ready by their Karma will be lifted into the LIGHT.

                 It is wonderful, whatever the occasion, if it draws people together for meditation, prayer, uplifting singing, chanting and the like. But it should not become like Sunday. One day a week I go to church and pray. The rest of the week I do what I like. I commit crimes, I cheat on my wife, I do not tell the truth. But on Sunday I am going to church regularly.

                When one comes under the care of the Sadguru, one’s life takes on a new dimension. One’s thinking is suddenly clearer if he keeps his focus on the Sadguru. When thinking becomes cloudy or emotions start to interfere, refocus on the Sadguru. Immediately it will be made clear to you. A promise is a promise. When the Sadguru takes your hand He takes responsibility for your every step, your every breath.

               Who am I? What am I here for? Answers to these questions can never come in way which is fulfilling through intellect alone. Highest acuity of intellect can only tell you that there is something more which can only come when the intellect becomes "enlightened intellect." To reach this state of enlightenment we have to pass through a stage which is called purity of heart. Maximum intellect can tell you that there is something more but intellect can never lay its grasp on it.

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