Our Negative Habits Can Become Less

          If we are performing regularly these YAJNYA fires our negative habits become less. Our focus shifts but this also takes effort on our part. Not only to perform YAJNYA but to make a little effort to correct our bad habits and go into an attitude of service where the needs of the self are met by Grace and not fulfilling desires and demands. To get out of that negative thinking one must really focus energy, not on the negative but on positive thoughts, only positive. In every situation we should try to react with love.

          Always be grateful for even a cup of tea offered to you.

           All these things are told again and again. What is now required is total faith, total surrender. In this alone we find joy. Otherwise joy is conditioned. There is no guarantee that one will feel joy from the same object on Tuesday as he will on Thursday. All these things reflect impatience. This we must knock out.

         See that you reduce the possibilities for frustration or anxiety, anger etc. See that you get proper rest and nutrition. See that you have some kind of physical exercise at least once daily. Yoga is ideal for this although some days you may not feel up to it. A walk would suffice. When you get stronger try to incorporate fifteen minutes Yoga exercises daily. Until then do as best you can. The body requires certain amount of exercise for proper balance and digestion.

         We are in a time frame that is actually shortened by disharmony of natural resources and therefore diseases run rampant. Protection comes through Agnihotra, Yajnya, and meditation programs. Many people will come in coming years. Although many will succumb to widespread diseases you will not suffer. I tell you this because you are so highly blessed. We must care for you. Even now you can come up.

           The forces in the world that are not of the light are becoming more destructive, more dangerous and more apparent in today’s society.

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