News of Homa Therapy in Australasia – June 2013

Homa Therapy Centre and Homa Organic farm in the Hunter Valley, NSW

chia and butterfly
for Nature – Homa Chia and butterfly

In the first 3 months of 2013 we were blessed with many visitors: Bruce Johnson and Anne Godfrey Homa Therapists from Tapovan India landed here for a well deserved rest, two Homa helpers, Taylor Logsdon from Canada and Maryann Billian from the US flew in to give us a hand, long time Australian Agnihotri, Karuna Coleman made the massive decision to live at Om Shree Dham for an indefinite period and Kel Wilson, first ever Australian Agnihotri, could not resist visiting twice to bask in the transformational Homa atmosphere.

We also had many people staying for a while as paying guests to be in Homa atmosphere and others as work exchange. This short but very sweet experience of Homa life style was full of astounding inner shifts for all.

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