Nothing is Constant

               Situations change according to conditions at hand. Things that are told in advance may also change. Nothing is constant. Every person is different. Each has his own free will to exercise in the manner chosen by that person. Not everyone is cut out to do the same work. Similarly, not every person is going to come to the same state. Personal endeavours are left up to the individual. Guidance is given whenever effort is made. Hints are subtly given to gear you on the correct course. However, you must choose your own direction.

If you are properly attuned you will be guided moment to moment by Grace. That guidance is there. It is like a channel you tap into. You choose to be aware or not. You can tune it in or tune it out. If you miss a meditation timing you are allowing your vision to become cloudy. Say to yourself ‘I am only an ordinary person. I am only an instrument for Love to spread and nothing more.’ If you have that attitude then when you open your mouth to speak the words you utter will not be your own. They will be given through you and truly you will become a humble instrument of divine Grace.

                    You have to get out of those negative habits, negative behavior, all of it, once and for all. Now there is a breakthrough. Now use this momentum to really rise. You realize the wrong way to think, to act, to react, but seeing that is not enough. Don’t focus on it. You underline the negative aspects about yourself until you feel so miserable that you cannot function. You can look at yourself with all honesty and with humility make the changes. Think, “How can I serve? How can I smile more? Who can I give love to? Who can I help?” Then, automatically, before you know it, these negative ways are gone. With a little effort your light can really shine. Always react with love. Think of the other person. Consider all aspects.
Forgive those who have harassed you or spoken ill of you. Forgive those who speak to you with harsh words without kindness. Forgive those who know not what they do.

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