News from Homa Farms in Olmué, Chile

Sebastian Andres Figueroa Soto sent photos of Homa activities in Chile:
Photo left: Agnihotra at the Farm ‘Artesanos de Paz’ in Olmué during the workshop  "Learning about healing techniques using the Homa Fire".

 Photos below: "Conscious Encounter" in the Eco-Farm Kimünwe, which has already started with the daily practice of Agnihotra and is taking the first steps to become a beautiful eco-conscious Homa Farm. The Promoter and manager of the work there is Humberto Garcia Buscaglione. Homa volunteers are the Agnihotris Param Prem Kaur and Sebastian Figueroa. Further Agnihotra volunteers are welcome to assist in the work being developed there. Om Shree."

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