The Homa Tribe from West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

    Mr. Rafael together with Oscar, Myriam, Carla, Conni and Esperanza decided to take the production of the Homa cow dung cookies into their hands and this way be able to help others.

       First, they searched for a cow shed where the cows are NOT eating concentrate (which contains animal products). Then they took the car, buckets and shovels and drove up north to Lake Okeechobee.
    With the shovels, they collected the fresh manure of the cattle.

This was not only fun but also a gracious activity!
Upon returning they paused at Lake Okeechobee and did Tryambakam Homa with the intent to purify and help this wonderful lake.

    Arriving home at night, they arranged a big table with a plastic sheet on top, then distributed the cow dung in very thin layers. After a few days, they were able to enjoy the Homa Fire with self-made cookies.
 Thus is the Homa Tribe from West Palm Beach!

(See photo this page)

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