Never Associate with Violence of Any Kind

We must never associate with violence of any kind. Only total love. You are being worked on in a big way. Now it becomes easy for you to rise much higher very quickly.

Those who seek personal gain only find their own destruction. Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all shall be added unto thee. Let not seeds of past desire confuse the state of happiness you are still capable of reaching. Surrender and “Thy will be done.”

You reap as you sow. So consciously sow good deeds. Every small interaction you have is measured. So do all with kindness, with love and with a keen sense of awareness. Be more conscious in your dealings with ALL people, those you see as important and those you see of no importance.

The law of Karma has decided things for us. The energy pattern is imprinted. It is only unfolded in what the mind calls ‘Time’. Agnihotra gives a push to the mind to react with Love under any conditions. A new substance is created in the atmosphere which nourishes plant life. When the mind is trained accordingly, we begin to do good Karma. Later we learn to do it with Love and without attachment. This releases us from bondage of misery created by the mind. Then we learn that we are in the midst of an ocean of joy. In the beginning this is knowledge. Then this knowledge becomes awareness. Then no special meditation is required as we are attuned to "Not my will but Thy will be done".

In these most difficult times, we must draw together, all one. Let there be no gossip. Let there be no backbiting.

There are disturbances in the atmosphere now. We must all be prepared for an influx of people turning to Agnihotra as their last resort. We will turn away no one. That influx begins. You will notice even as individuals and much more on a large scale. You do not see the whole picture. If one person comes to you and many will, each person should be given equal respect and concern as if they were a whole country of people requesting knowledge of Agnihotra.

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