My Experience with Baltimore Homa Community, Maryland, USA

The Baltimore Homa Community or BHC is an eclectic and unified group of devoted Homa Therapy practitioners, whose professions range from that of Therapeutic Health professionals to music and dance Artists.

The BHC is the only “urban” Homa community at this time. Most individuals live in separate homes, near or nearer to the Resonance Point of Tom and Ann Couto (place where strict performance of daily fires are maintained to manifest highest energetic vibrations), coming together for “Satsang” (gatherings) on Sundays and other special events. The community is very active in outreach programs such as the “Peace Festival”, supporting various Homa projects in Ghana, Africa, Women’s Circles of Healings, etc.

I fell quickly into routine with the community and contributed to the healing fires being performed on a daily basis at the Resonance Point, which is now an exquisite Wellness Center. Karme’ Holistic Wellness Center is open to anyone who wishes to experience Vedic purification fires which have been performed for over 25 years. One can feel the mind and breathing relax as one enters this sacred space and soak in the purified atmosphere, deepening the healing experience. Karme’ maintains an environment that is free of meat & fish, alcohol & tobacco.

I stayed near the Resonance point in the home of Maria Broom, nationally known as an actress for her recurring roles in HBO’s “The Wire” and “The Corner”, with more than forty years of performing and teaching in the US and across the globe.

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