Homa – Antidote to Violence

Political structures as we know them are crumbling. Leaders are being exposed as corrupt. Governing bodies are driven by greed. In such a worldwide political climate violence is being bred in every strata of society. Violence is becoming more and more abundant. However the fact remains that it is “truly the meek who shall inherit the earth.”

We live in an age of disturbance and destruction. Why all this violence?
The atmosphere has been polluted. The air we breathe is not healthy. The water we drink is bad for us. Whole thing is in danger now.

SHREE VASANT visiting Chile in 1991 and entering the Cochiguaz River in the Elqui Valley.

So we do this Homa (medicinal fire) and charge the air with healing vibrations. Let us make the plants happy, the children free from diseases. Our work has only just begun and still so much more is required. So, this is the solution to mass ills.


These vibrations exist for everything. So anything can be activated, controlled, changed by Mantras.
Mantras create a subtle energy field that cannot be yet described scientifically.
Mantra is sacred instrument. Do not forget this. In times like this you should be repeating Mantra constantly.
Every moment is a precious opportunity to serve the Divine. If the mind is constantly affirming the Holy with mantra then all will be done as is His Will and no one else’s.