Mind Wants to Escape the Nectar

    All the time, the mind wants to escape the nectar and go into the world of these sense desires. All the time. Many suffer in the world with no idea why they suffer. At least, if you choose the life of misery, you know you choose it. To have that awareness alone is precious. To make the right choices is even better. So, one must learn to take joy in the spiritual life.

   Community must come up in every place where Agnihotris are doing the work.

      Proper diet helps your development. Otherwise, you will give in to your obsession with food, and your health and well-being suffer. So discipline yourself.

     If the cattle are dying, what will people do for food? More people will turn to plants for nourishment. Food grown in soil nourished by Agnihotra will grow in abundance. Others will die. This is already the case in some places.

     Do not allow one day or one incident to deter you. Keep making effort and things will become clear to you.

     There is no point in taking anger out. Even if it is not directed at the child, if it is in the atmosphere, it affects the child. Just ask for the help of Inner Self at any point you feel angry. Then you will feel Love. It is so important now that you make every effort to attain that humility and devotion you once had. It can come simply in few hours. So, method is exact meditation timings.

     Incidence of miscarriage by pregnant women rises and after examination they find fetus is diseased. Leukemia and other cancers are increasing in a big way in Eastern Europe. Cattle dying from pollution. Children suffer more than adults.

     Have compassion for those who stand alone. Have compassion for those who have left their HOME. Have compassion for those who believe no more, for all are Our children, children of the Lord. No one is better. No one is higher. No one is favored. No one is discarded. All are in Our Heart forever. OM TAT SAT.

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