Keep Very Tight Rein on the Mind

            Keep very tight rein on the mind so that the pulls become less. Otherwise the mind goes and the body follows and all is lost. Keep the mind filled with only holy thoughts, Mantra, prayer, devotional singing. Do not be disturbed. This is a great time for healing and becoming strong in this healing love.

            You must get into the habit of smiling all the time. All the time smiling. It has a good effect on your mind, not to mention the joy you bring to others.

             Do not hang on to fear or misery. Let it go and fill the mind with Mantra. Do fires, one hour Tryambakam Homa best in morning hours, earlier the better.

              Worry is like putting brakes on life. Let it go. Just make effort. This effort you make will always manifest.

                 Through devotion you can rise higher. Say simply, "I want to be happy". We do not wish for special powers, levitation and those things. We only wish to be happy and help others to be happy.

                You are just being used as an instrument to help others. So if there is a "conductor" of the orchestra, why do you concern yourself with what is played next? Even in great orchestras changes are made. The orchestra members must be aware and listen and watch for the commands. Then they only have to take care of their instruments and keep them exactly attuned and ready. Then, no matter what composition is called for, they are ready, instrument in hand, to create harmony all together.

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