Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Distortion Neutralized by Homa

Over the years we have had many people passing through Om Shree Dham, Homa Therapy Centre here in the Hunter Valley, NSW. Some people who are sensitive to the radiation of high voltage power lines have noted with surprise that our Fire Hut is positioned right under an electricity power transformer. However, on going inside the hut, all have commented that they do not experience any electromagnetic field distortion.

Recently Jake Wearing from Victoria visited Om Shree Dham and brought with him an EMF Trifield Meter, capable of measuring magnetic output, so we had the opportunity to measure EMF on our property. The results confirmed what people have been experiencing over the years. However, the test done was on a casual basis, not according to scientific protocol.

Jake had told us that the EMF meter measured high readings around power transformers. We asked him to take a measurement right under the transformer and next to the meter box. This is right next to our Fire Hut. To our astonishment, the dial on the meter did not move. It stayed on nearly zero. (See Photo 2 & 3)

Photo 2. Jake Wearing, surprised after measuring zero EMF at our Fire hut next to a power transformer Photo 3. The meter registering zero EMF taken next to the Power transformer

Not until approximately 50 meters away from the Fire Hut under power lines did the meter start to register EMF (Photo 4). We held a glass of Agnihotra ash water above the meter, to see if it would make a difference. To our delight and surprise, the dial plunged close to zero (Photo 5)

Photo 4. Approximately 50 meters away from our Fire hut under power lines, the meter on a higher sensitivity setting is registering low level EMF. Photo 5. Jake holding a glass of Agnihotra ash water above the meter. He is standing under the power lines 50 meters away from the Fire hut. The meter reading plunges to near zero in proximity to ash water.

Further, Jake noticed that whenever Frits or I moved close to him to view the meter, the dial went down. We remembered Shree Vasant telling us that the energy fields of consistent Agnihotris would be healing. When Jake, who had not been a regular performer of Agnihotra, held the meter under the power line, the dial registered EMF (Photo 4). We then felt inspired to see what would happen if he drank the ash water. Lo and behold, the dial moved down close to zero!

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