Never cast blame on anyone. Firstly, you do not know the reason why a thing occurs, so you are in error to blame the other person. Secondly, when you point the finger in blame away from yourself, you are actually telling yourself an untruth.

For every action there is a reason for it, so what you see is only on the Surface, and further complications arise when you seek to blame others for events you may yourself be responsible for. Let the Almighty decide who is to pay what price, and that has also already been decided.

Following Message was received by Mrs. Parvati on 17th of Mayo, 2018:

Do not dwell on the iniquities in life. Look inside to find in yourself that which needs to be changed.
Be ye transformed by the renewal of the mind.
There is so much injustice, cruelty, sheer hatred and violence in the world. So many are suffering around the world.
Seek to go within and root out any hatred, any disharmony in thought, word or deed. Work diligently to cleanse yourselves of all darkness. Then you each will shine with Divine Light and act as beacons of Light during these darkest of times.
Do not give up. Maintain faith high above the ground, lest it be soiled by that which is unclean.
We are always with you, at every juncture in life—and there are many—with each choice you make. We are with you.
Listen. Go within. Follow that which is clear and true within you.
We are always present in your lives.
All love and blessings.
Think positive.
Let your words be positive.
All actions, positive.

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