Agnihotra – Greatest Material Aid

“When we are born in a human frame, everything that is required to make a human life fruitful is automatically endowed to us.”

This is how the great Master, Shree Vasant, began His introductory talk on Agnihotra and Homa Therapy in Sydney, Australia, July 1989.

Shree Vasant continues:

“Be thou perfect as thy Father which is in heaven is perfect.” – Matthew 5:48

Perfection is the goal laid before humanity. How to achieve that perfection?

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of the mind.” – Romans 12:2

This is the modus operandi. For this transformation of the mind in the direction of ‘Total Love’ you will find Agnihotra is the greatest material aid.

Man is body, mind, intellect and something more. At present let us consider only these first three aspects – body, mind and intellect.

In western countries in modern times all these sciences have developed wonderfully, but not the Science of the Mind.

You will find that this Agnihotra sunrise/sunset fire is the biggest material aid to train your mind to be full of love. You will see that as we are moving in this material world, we reap as we sow. But we forget that the moment we decide to walk on this ‘Path of Light,’ that is try to transform the mind in the direction of total love, another law operates, that is the Law of Grace.

This science of medicine comes from very, very ancient body of knowledge known to man as Vedas. It is known as Ayurveda.

In this ancient language of Sanskrit where all this knowledge was given, the word for health is ‘swastha,’ which means one who is totally attuned to himself.

There are various subtle energy aspects with which this modern science is not familiar. It is not only physical healing, it affects the body, mind, intellect and something more.

With this Agnihotra you are offering a great service to keep the energy cycle of the planet in harmony. This simple Agnihotra is so powerful, your mind becomes full of love and once that happens, then you are on the Path of Light.

Now it is only a human being who can do Agnihotra and not animals, so it is our duty to do this to serve the energy cycle of the planet.

The main thing is it is very simple to operate and with a little effort we can do so much service.

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