In the Aftermath of the Chilean Earthquake

Agnihotris share their experiences in the aftermath of the Chilean earthquake.

We have received amazing responses that show the “awakening” of the spirit in times of these great challenges. These are some excerpts of some breath-taking realizations happening in the midst of chaos:

Mr. Fernando Zarama wrote from Santiago: “Thank you for your message and concern. I feel that after this earthquake, many things have changed regarding life. You can feel in the air that people are different. There is so much love and joy. Joy to help and be completely of service to our neighbor, which we had never tried before. It is the beginning of a New Era.
“We started doing the Homa Fires a few months ago. All my family and neighbors are well. Although, our house is very old, not one wall fell and everything remained intact. The universe was very generous with us.
“Thank you very much for this beautiful work of bringing us together. OM Shree OM”

Dr. Jose writes from La Serena: “…the situation is incredible, but thanks to the Divine we are fine. The Earth and the Times are talking to us from their depths…”

Ms. Anny Sobarzo: “It has been a terrible earthquake. I remember Shree Vasant’s talk and that gives me courage to continue in service. Many people are coming to my house where we practice the Homa fires together. We have been doing it for 5 years and it is wonderful to see people’s awakening of consciousness.”

Ms. Patricia Baeza: “What is most needed now is the loving energy to overcome the shock, and we are shocked. I thank the Divine that in my region of Coquimbo the quake was very smooth, but I feel deeply moved by what has happened in other regions of my country. I know this is a way to promote more Union, more light and more strength…”

Ms. Victoria Marincovic wrote: “We are fine; nothing happened in our home, not a single thing fell. Grace has been flowing so amazingly that everything has been easy for us, we have everything. Our people are all well, thanks to the Divine. But it was horrible to see the chaos and the human condition. We see in this response from nature the hand of the Divine so we become aware of the damage we have caused our Mother Nature and we try to correct our behavior…”

Mr. Luis Valenzuela from Olmue:
“I wholeheartedly thank you for your prayers for the Homa farm and for us. We’re fine; the two houses of ECHO resisted excellently, only some jam jars that we had prepared in earlier years broke. All the books on the 2nd floor fell on the floor and all the furniture moved, but nothing else. All the stored Ghee jars are perfect, everything intact.
“The most ‘surprising’ to us was that no Agnihotra Pyramid was moved nor any of the other instruments used for the Homas in the Meditation Shala, where the fires are performed with more intensity. (see photo to the right) In the resonance hut, the clay pillar that holds the pyramid remained in its proper place.
“We thank God and Shree Vasant for this Divine protection. Here, all Homas are being maintained as a daily discipline as a tradition of ECHO. We are keeping about 8 hours of daily Tryambakam Homa. This was not suspended on the day of the big earthquake.”

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