Warm Regards to Your Nose

If one is healthy and without pain, it is easy to forget the body – still, we may have other problems. And only when we feel some pinching somewhere, we realize how important the good functioning of each body part is. Do you have a cold? Or breathing problems? Maybe asthma? Then you will know what I am talking about.

Then you learn to appreciate when the flow of breath is peacefully and quiet and you realize that inhaling and exhaling is something wonderful and vital!

In the event that breathing is obstructed in any way, there are good ways to natural cure. When you practice the Agnihotra healing fire, you have an optimal opportunity: during Agnihotra fire inhale deeply the Agnihotra smoke. Many experiences have shown the healing power of Agnihotra smoke and the atmosphere created by this ancient technique. Many asthmatics all over the planet have achieved great help through the regular practice of Agnihotra alone, even though Asthmatics usually do not tolerate any kind of smoke. But you can still do more: the ash of the Agnihotra fire contains the same healing energy, so you can provide yourself with healing Agnihotra ash Inhalations, Agnihotra nose drops or Agnihotra nasal spray any time during the day and at night to assist additionally the Agnihotra smoke. That way, the entire area from the nose to the lungs receives help:

Boil water along with Agnihotra ash (about 1 tablespoon to 1 liter of water) for 10 minutes without a lid (please do not use an aluminum pot). Then you can inhale the vapor. Keep your face over the pot and cover your head and the pot with a thick towel to collect the steam, and now inhale and exhale deeply.
If the mucous membranes are dry, you may also like to add a tablespoon of salt to this Agnihotra ash vapor. Salty water acts as a humidifying ingredient to the mucous membranes. This way you have your own personal healthy sea breeze at any time at home for your personal treatment. You can also strain this water mixture through a cloth or coffee filter and use this liquid as nose drops or nasal spray during the day and night.

It is important to prepare these drops the day you use them, since they have no preservatives. As an additional help, you can rub the area of your nose and sinuses, as well as the bronchial areas several times a day with a mixture of ghee and powdered Agnihotra ash. When we are sick and we cannot breathe well, nature forces us to take care of our respiratory organs. But it is a good idea as well to do something good for the respiratory tract, even though you do not have a cold or a similar problem. The amount of pollution puts strain on us no matter if we feel sick or healthy! We regularly clean our shoes, our windows, the cars, because they get dirty. But who cleans regularly his lungs, which are exposed to the same dirty air? The Agnihotra fire and the Agnihotra ash preparations provide the strength and energy that our respiratory system needs to cleanse itself better and to heal. Our whole body depends on oxygen, which flows to us through our nose and breathing. So this is a help for the whole body, for the regeneration and better functioning of each cell. I am happy when your nose can supply your body with plenty of life energy and she (nose) is fine! I send her lovely greetings!

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