Agnihotra Neutralizes Radioactivity

Are you radioactive? No? You don’t feel anything? You don’t see anything? You don’t smell anything? The neighbor didn’t notice anything either? No problems?

Radioactivity sneaked quite unseen into our lives. We don’t hear it, we don’t smell it, we don’t see it. Of course, maybe we know about Chernobyl that there was something with radioactivity. Maybe we have read about atom-tests, already hundreds of atomic bombs have been ignited – of course only for test-purposes. And of course, many atom-driven submarines rust slowly in the oceans, somewhere far away from us, because we normally don’t live on test-sites, or beside a nuclear reactor or a nuclear submarine. Scientists declared that the snow in the Himalaya is so strongly radioactive, that it would have to be treated as radioactive garbage! But of course the Himalaya is also far away from most of us.

Here in Europe people are warned against eating too much fish from Scandinavian lakes or eating too many mushrooms from European forests since they contain too high levels of radioactivity for the human body. Why is this? These are all areas in nature, there are no industries and no atom bombs?

Scientists determined that radioactivity is spreading all over the world through wind and ocean currents, like a deadly cloud. The wind carries small radioactive charged particles into the air we breathe; the rain from radioactive clouds drops radioactive particles into our fields and forests. When the Chernobyl accident happened, soon elevated radioactivity was also measured in South America. We therefore have the world-wide challenge to balance radioactivity, because even if we actually don’t see it, don’t smell it, don’t sense it, still radioactivity can inflict big damage on human beings and all life forms. The effects we experience include: Pains and wounds that won’t heal, higher child-mortality, higher deformity in newborns, mutations in animals and also in fruit and vegetables, and much more.

In European clinics there is a cancer-treatment, where the tumor is radioactively treated to destroy the tumor cells. And how often do I experience directly in the pharmacy many people suffering from pains and wounds, also in the healthy tissue surrounding the tumor, that won’t heal, not with medicines and not with any ointment. How often did I experience at home when I bought for example tomatoes or grapes and I left them on the kitchen counter for one week, one month or even longer that they didn’t become bad, they didn’t rot, they didn’t change their appearance. What was that? These are also radioactively treated fruits and vegetables, that admittedly always look the same and can be sold for a long period of time, resist transportation challenges, but which however affect our health negatively when we eat them. Even a TV can expose us to radioactivity, depending on the model. And how many people, also children, sit daily for many hours in front of the TV?

All of these examples can occur in everyday life everywhere. But what can I do in order to help myself and to protect my family?

After the accident in Chernobyl (1986), a Polish scientist did some experiments to see if Homa Therapy could neutralize the radioactivity since Poland was also strongly affected. He found out that the healing Agnihotra-Fire could get rid of even hundredfold infringement of the natural radioactivity.

The effect of an Agnihotra-Fire lasts between 10 to 18 hours (then of course already comes the next Agnihotra-Fire with the sun-change, which takes further care and so on). He also measured that radioactively affected soil shows again normal values if watered with a mixture of water and Agnihotra-Ash.

We only use the ash of the Agnihotra-Fire for healing. Agnihotra Ash has the same qualities of the Agnihotra-Fire sealed in. Ancient knowledge states that the balancing effect to the restore health is possible with the help of the Agnihotra Fire and the Agnihotra Ash.

It is possible to apply the Agnihotra ash directly on difficult wounds that don’t heal and also on painful areas (according to the degree of the problem, it can be repeated 4 x daily up to each hour). Also internally, you can take one teaspoon of Agnihotra-Ash powder with water, honey, tea, yogurt, etc. before each meal in order to balance the whole body.

You can also put vegetables, fruits, lettuce, etc. overnight in Agnihotra-Ash water in order to eliminate radioactivity from the food and balance them. You can also take a bath in Agnihotra-Ash water. You can give Agnihotra-Ash into the drinking water for your pets. Also in cattle-raising, it is fantastic to put Agnihotra-Ash into the feed and into the drinking water of the animals.

Only Agnihotra-Ash has this particular healing power, these qualities and I feel very happy that all of us in such a simply way can help ourselves with these major problems. And it is wonderful that we can share this knowledge and this practical application with many other people who are likewise in need for this!

Pharmacist, Monika Koch is the author of the book: “Homa Therapy – the Ancient Science of Healing.” She has conducted studies with Agnihotra Ash medicines for many years. For more information please visit her website: