Zara Garcia’s Healing

Guayaquil, Ecuador South America “My problem began in the year 1997. I could neither walk nor stand. I felt a lot of pain in the sole of my foot because I had an open wound that did not heal. I could not find any remedy with any doctor in any part of the world.

I always had to be bandaged and wear closed shoes in spite of the heat. And every day, when I took off the bandage, the wound opened up and bled again and again. It hurt a lot. Just a simple thing like taking a shower was very painful because I could not avoid the soapy water running over the wound. I was very discouraged. I always begged and cried for help to find healing. When meeting anybody, I talked about my problem, hoping to receive some answer. What I had was like a nightmare, day and night. Then somebody told me that his mother had had a similar problem and that she was cured. This was how I arrived at Doctor Montufar´s Medical Homa Center “The Good Shepherd”. I told the Doctor that I had had this problem for twelve years and I also asked him if he could heal me. I told him that I had traveled all over the world and I had seen many medical doctors, dermatologists, even healers and Shamans. I had gone everywhere and to everybody till I arrived at Homa Therapy only due to God’s Grace. Homa Therapy changed my life in only one day! It has changed the life of my family. It has changed the life of my children. It has changed my husband’s life and the lives of all who surround me. All the people that visit us have contact with Homa Therapy. . Now, we are happy to be here. I feel happy to be with you and to share my healing story. I am very grateful for what has happened to me.”