If You Walk This Path with Absolute Humility…

(Message received by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg in meditation)
3rd of  July, 2020. Shree Vasant

All the years of training, all the teachings of Fivefold Path of the Vedas have revealed to all of you the Path of Light. If you walk this path with absolute humility—whether you fall or rise or fall and rise again from bad habits or succumb to negative circumstances — Divine will catch you. If in your hearts you have the willingness to walk this Path to very best of your ability, the fruits will be received.

Now, know that it will give you no sense of satisfaction to apply blame, neither to yourselves nor to others. Still, if one thinks one has erred in judgment or in improper action at any time in life, better to allow that experience to mold you into a more loving, more compassionate, more understanding human being. That is, you begin to walk your talk.

In times of chaos and uncertainty, one’s mettle is tried, but this is precisely what We have prepared you to face, from early on. All these negative situations will roll off of your back, if you play the part of the observer. You are neither the doer nor the one who must fight against a course of events. Observe. Do not be attached to it. You will see how each one of these situations that appear before you will be either risen above or removed.

Let nothing disturb your Peace of Mind. Be clear about it.

Surrender is not a mental practice. One can think one’s way into becoming convinced he or she has surrendered to Divine Will. However, that can often be on the intellectual level. One cannot surrender using only the mind. It is a good place to start, but ultimately you must go deeper into it.

When you take the ‘high road’ in any given situation, your ascent is speeded up. You rise higher, as if on an escalator of Grace. Always try to choose the higher road. The view is far better! And the air is also much clearer the higher you rise.

Walk in Light, on the Path of Light.

All love and blessings,


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