Homa Therapy News – Australian and International, July 2020




 Homa Therapy News – July 2020

  • Agnihotra has Transformed the way I Think
  • Bringing Harmony to my Family and to the Farm Animals
  • Agnihotra giving support to Community Activism
  • Compassion and Love growing inside me, Addictive Tendencies falling away
  • Homa Therapy helping Children with Attention Deficit Disorder, Language, Learning and Behavioural Disorders
  • Scientific Validation: Agriculture and Food Quality
  • Om Shree Dham, Homa Therapy Centre Australasia
  • NB. ZOOM Agnihotra Introduction, Demonstration and Q&A, Fortnightly
  • Demonstration of how to perform Agnihotra
  • Demonstration of how to perform Om Tryambakam Homa


Agnihotra Teaching Centre to be at Om Shree Dham, Hunter Valley, NSW





Linda Cleveland visiting Om Shree Dham from the U.S.

“I came to Om Shree Dham, Agnihotra Centre in NSW to visit my daughter and granddaughter. I flew over from the US with the plan to rest up and then do some traveling.  A couple of days after I landed not only did I develop a head cold, but covid-19 lockdown started. Frits and Lee were very warm and welcoming – they assured me that I would be feeling better soon. I knew about Agnihotra Fires for several years but did not understand what a difference the practice can make in your life.  This is something that truly needs to be experienced.  I sat in on the daily Homa Fires.  Gradually I felt better.  Jet lag gone, cold gone. It actually cleared up quickly the moment I started taking Colloidal Silver made with Agnihotra ash water.  Every day I kept feeling better and better; every day a little healthier, a little bit lighter in my mind and heart.

Linda at 70 years feeling healthy and lighter in her heart and mind

Then I started doing the Fires myself.  It’s been only two months and I feel like a new person. I feel better physically.  My knee has been slightly swollen for years.  That is totally gone. I have been applying Agnihotra ash and ghee ointment on it during the night. Stress is also gone. I have more energy and stamina. I have a more positive outlook.

Linda on the right performing her first Agnihotra Fire


One week after writing this testimony I had an unusual experience. I felt awful for a couple of days. I came to realize that I was in a negative thinking pattern, a recognisable state of mind for me pre-Agnihotra. Once I witnessed what I was doing I chose to adjust my attitude and I felt fine again. I have been delighted with the physical health improvements and now I am astonished and delighted about the mental improvements as well. At first I had no understanding of what it meant when people would say that Agnihotra brings about transformation of the mind. Now I have direct experience of that.

I feel a peaceful, loving atmosphere at Om Shree Dham that I attribute to the Agnihotra Fires and the Homa lifestyle.  I like the rhythm and structure Agnihotra gives to your day.  Being present and mindful of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets gives a more connected feeling to nature. Nature as well seems to connect with Agnihotra.

2 photos above taken by Linda of scenery at Om Shree Dham


We visited my daughter’s friend – and now my new friend – Tanya in the Blue Mountains this past weekend who is also an Agnihotri.  Friday evening when we started up our Agnihotra Fires their two sheep came up on the other side of the fence – like they were saying hi and approving.  Then the horse came up.  The two dogs were by our side and then the wild pet bird came and landed on my shoulder.  None of the animals appeared to be at all fearful of the fire or the people.  While preparing for Monday’s sunrise Agnihotra I dropped and lost a match in the grass.  There were no signs of the pet bird.  After the mantra the bird came to my side, picked up the match and put it in my shoe!  I love doing Agnihotra outside.

Linda and the wild bird that loves Agnihotra


I feel very sad for all the victims of the Covid-19 virus and the state of the whole world now.  We need more people practicing Agnihotra.  We need a healthier and more peaceful and loving world like it is at Om Shree Dham which thrives in a nearly 30 year–old Homa Biosphere that has been created by the daily practice of Agnihotra and other Homa’s.  I am looking forward to sharing Agnihotra with family and friends when I get back to the states.’ Linda Cleveland






Tanya, Blue Mountains, NSW: 


Since performing Agnihotra for a year I have witnessed that it creates positive energy on our farm. My family including myself have had great benefit from the sacred Fire. Agnihotra has uplifted us and reinforced positive energy. It has also revitalised our souls and we have experienced harmony within. Our health has improved. … My family is naturally gravitating to healthier food and we are gravitating towards vegetarianism, with one member being totally vegetarian and the others transiting to eating less meat.  I have lost 14 kilos and have become more confident in myself.

We don’t have cows living on our farm and due to a shortage of cow dung we have resorted to collecting fresh patties from our lovely neighbours. The cows roam free grazing on organic pasture. Once a week I go next door with my bucket in hand to get fresh dung. This was a challenge for me at first with the feeling of warm dung between my bare hands( some people wear gloves-editor). However, now I don’t think about it and just do it, as it is for a good cause. We have had some obstacles drying the dung, one being the weather. Being on the snow line we tend to get cold, wet and freezing conditions and this makes it a challenge to dry the cow dung. So after asking for Lee and Frits’s advice we decided to bring the semi dry dung inside, near our fire at night. In the morning it is transferred back to the hothouse. The process is repeated until it is ready to use.”

Drying cow dung patties by the wood heater, sometimes the only way in cold wet times

Our animals have also benefited from Agnihotra and they live in peace and harmony with each other and on occasions gather around me when performing Agnihotra. We have a wild pet bird called Forest. Since January Forest prefers to sit with me at sunrise and sunset with our dog Pip, to perform Agnihotra. He sits on my lap or shoulder or walks around watching the Agnihotra Fire.


Wild pet bird loves Agnihotra





Mobile phone Tower in Mullumbimby


Oni Blecker “On April 22 2020, Telstra arrived in Mullumbimby attempting to undertake the 5G upgrade. This took place during the Covid-19 lockdown and without providing adequate notice via appropriate channels as required by the Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment Code and despite the local council’s request for a moratorium until further data was provided. Our community actively opposed this upgrade before further research and safety testing was provided. We did this through respectful paperwork for over a year before this attempt at installation.

In response to this installation attempt, a number of residents gathered to protest and successfully halted the installation. Since then, the tower has been continually monitored by a rotating group of volunteers.

During this volunteer 24/7 vigil, myself and another Agnihotri met at the site and have been maintaining sunrise and sunset fires at the site. Sunbare (Kent) and Oni have been contributing Agnihotra next to the site for over 2 months now. Sunbare has been most vigilant with his Fires and both Sunbare and Oni do 2 Agnihotras at the site when they can. We have also been doing several hours of Om Tryambakam Homa between us on new and full moons.

Oni performing Om Tryambakam Homa on a full moon near Tower


Sitting down to perform my first Agnihotra near the Tower, I expected curiosity and questions. Sunbare approached me and said “Are you doing Agnihotra ?” I said “yes !!” He then proceeded to go to get his pyramid and joined me for the first onsite Fire.

More than 2 months on, spirit of morale is sustained and Telstra have not come back to install this untested and potentially dangerous technology.

Many people gather around us when we perform Agnihotra; the peace and clarity of Agnihotra has attracted curiosity and openness to learn more about the Fires. Our conversations envision the Agnihotra biosphere to be creating localised and globalised peace and justice for the health of humanity, plants and animals.

Sunbare (Kent) performing sunset Agnihotra at the Tower site

During this period I started reading ‘Messenger of the Sacred Fire’ and it has encouraged my path of serving the earth through this Vedic science. This book has ignited in me an inspirational vision of more projects and movements in different places, ie, for Agnihotris to come together to do intentional work that they can then feedback to a wider community through Homa Therapy Centres for networking and mobilisation. ”Oni Blecker, Mullumbimbi, NSW


Adam, Irish Wwoofer, lead to Om Shree Dham Homa Therapy Centre and Farm


Adam: “After a series of amazing coincidences I stumbled across a lovely guy named Sunbare, who happened to be practicing Agnihotra with some fellow 5g activists under the phone tower, in the town of Mullumbimby, NSW. I will never forget feeling the poor night sleep I had while doing night watch under the tower, melt away into serenity during sunrise Agnihotra. I believe we also rolled out our yoga mats afterwards to take full advantage of the sun’s Prana flowing through us. Having previously not known anything about Agnihotra prior to that, I needed to know more!

 This journey has led me to the beautiful Om Shree Dham farm. The pillar of Agnihotra in Australia found in the Hunter Valley. From the moment I arrived, I have felt more love, compassion and devotion towards saving the planet than any other group of people I’ve met. Lee and Frits have taken me under their wing and guided me along the path of self-discovery and true good health.

Adam helps transplanting a tree

It’s clear to see that regardless of what path you are on in life, Agnihotra has the capability to enhance the divine essence within you and aid you in reaching your full potential. My meditation has become much more then wrestling with the monkey mind and struggling to find comfort. I can feel a great sense of compassion and love growing inside me and far less attachment to my old addictive tendencies which led to my own frustrations and negative thought processes.

Now with a renewed hope for mankind and our phenomenal planet and a spiritual practice which benefits the environment as much as myself and those around me, I’m forever grateful to all who have shown me the light of Agnihotra.” Adam Murphy from Ireland visiting Om Shree Dham in the Hunter Valley, NSW








Marcela Agurto Trelles, Primary School Teacher, Piura, Peru, South America


“I am a primary school teacher, Specialist in Hearing, Language, and Specialized in Autism Spectrum Disorders. I started the practice of Homa Therapy in March 2000. I was invited by my cousin, Pilar Agurto. I noticed she had changed positively and it made me curious. I said to myself; something is happening here.

At that time, I was the principal of the Teresa de Calcutta Educational Institution. Although it was a regular school, all the children who attended were children with different educational needs. They were children with attention deficit disorder, language, learning and behavioural disorders. They were very restless.

Personally, I used to go to Mass and it was hard for me to clearly hear the priest’s preaching. After attending the first 15 days in Homa healing fires, I noticed that:

1) The preaching was very understandable. I heard it very well. My attention and concentration had improved.

2) In spite of the family and professional problems I was going through, I realized that my attitude towards them, was different. I was calmer and happier. My attention improved and I wanted to keep going on with Homa Therapy.

It was those two experiences that impressed upon me and opened the door to apply Homa Therapy at the school. I thought that those changes that I had experienced could happen to the children of the institution and it would help their learning, language and behaviour. We developed a whole project for the application of Homa Therapy for children and parents.

The results were more than surprising:

All the children participated in Homa Therapy at the School. We noted that the children were more attentive, they behaved better. Just by being more vigilant, their learning improved. They showed more confidence in their participation. I could say that every new child entering our school showed positive changes in a short time.

I used to phone the school on the days when I wasn’t attending. Thus, the secretary could inform me how the children were behaving. The noises I heard in the background of the call also would tell me how the children were. One day, after Homa Therapy had been constantly applied at the school, I was unable to attend and, as always, I called the secretary to inform me. Oh surprise! When I called, there was such silence in the background that I had to ask the secretary if the children were there. She answered that all the children were present and they were working.

I can also state that the performance of the children improved markedly. Their attention, concentration and memory improved not only in the school environment but also in their family situation. This, I know, due to the fact that the parents came to tell me that the development of the children at home and in the home work/studies had improved.

Another anecdote, during the ‘First International Forum of Homa Therapy – Healing Fires’, Abel (Homa Therapist, South America) asked me to narrate my experience about our school. I am a person of few words and experience tremendous fear speaking in public.

Abel recommended that Om Tryambakam Homa be performed during the event with Agnihotris taking turns. I remember that I was with a father of one of our children, and at the time of my participation I told him that I was afraid to talk. But during my speech I was aware of the fluency of my words and I did not feel any fear. All went well. I was surprised and happy to have achieved what I had thought impossible.

I worked with these children until 2013. Nowadays, I dedicate myself exclusively to treating children individually with language and learning difficulties. I program it so that the child who needs it the most participates during the hours of Agnihotra; that is to say, I offer the cognitive therapy combined with Homa Therapy. Homa Therapy helps me to help these children who need more attention.

I am infinitely grateful for the tools given to fulfil the mission that God gave me.” Marcela Agurto Trelles




December 26, 2017
Dr Ulrich Berk, Germany


For good health, proper diet with nutritious vegetables, fruits, and grains is of great importance. But it seems that with the food produced nowadays our bodies often do not get all the micronutrients they need to maintain good health. Several recent studies show that there is a decline in nutritional value of vegetables, fruits, and grains.

A Scientific American article summarizes several such studies which compare the nutrient levels of food nowadays with tables of nutrient content 50 to 70 years ago.

One study showed that average calcium levels in 12 fresh vegetables dropped 27 percent; iron levels 37 percent; vitamin A levels 21 percent, and vitamin C levels 30 percent. Another study comparing nutrient levels of 20 vegetables found that the average calcium content had declined 19 percent; iron 22 percent; and potassium 14 percent. Yet another study concluded that one would have to eat eight oranges today to derive the same amount of Vitamin A as our grandparents would have gotten from one. (See: www.scientificamerican.com/article/soil-depletion-and-nutrition-loss)

Other studies cited by Worldwatch Institute report that today’s food produces 10 to 25 percent less iron, zinc, protein, calcium, vitamin C, and other nutrients. Researchers from Washington State University who analyzed 63 spring wheat cultivars grown between 1842 and 2003 found an 11 percent decline in iron content, a 16 percent decline in copper, a 25 percent decline in zinc, and a 50 percent decline in selenium. (http://www.worldwatch.org/node/5339)

The decline of nutritional value of our foods not only refers to minerals and vitamins. There is also a loss in phytonutrients, most of them less known to most of us – but they play an important role in preventing disease and maintaining good health. These plant extracts show antioxidant, bactericidal, and antimicrobial effects. A lack of nutrition in our foods leads to a number of diseases and ailments. Human health conditions such as chronic coronary thrombosis, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, old age, and lifestyle-related diseases are associated with the diet. Declining food quality can thus be one reason why such lifestyle diseases are increasing in the last decades.

Several theories have been suggested to explain the decline in food quality. The main reasons for that seem to be:

Soil depletion

Changes in cultivated varieties: nowadays farmers are mostly growing high-yielding varieties which are less nutritious than the plants being used earlier.

Agrochemicals used in conventional farming


Agrochemicals used in conventional farming
A 2001 review study, published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, shows that nutrient levels, including vitamin C, are lower in crops grown with chemical fertilisers. Organic spinach, lettuce, cabbage and potatoes showed relatively high levels. Commenting on this study, one scientist explained, “Unlike minerals, vitamins and antioxidants are not supplied by the soil, so you cannot add them using fertilisers. They are produced by the plants themselves and are natural pest-defence compounds, part of a range of chemicals we are just beginning to understand. Studies have shown that levels are up to 40 per cent higher in organic produce. If you’re using artificial pesticides, plants don’t have to produce these protective chemicals. Levels in non-organic foods are likely to be lower.“ (from The Guardian, https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2005/may/15/foodanddrink.shopping3)

Now let us see whether Homa Farming has a positive effect on the nutritional value also. Again we find a lot of information in the four M.Sc. theses done at Dharwad Agricultural University (Karnataka, South India). Homa Farming methods were compared with organic methods (without Homa) and with conventional farming methods. The crops planted were soy beans, cabbage, tomatoes, and okra. (Okra is also known as ladies’ fingers, a
vegetable quite popular in Asian and African countries.)

Results were as follows:


Soy beans

5% increase in protein content.

9.5% increase in oil content.


Amylase was increased by 35% compared to control in unsprouted seeds. After germination this increase went up to 66%.

Invertase was increased by 45% compared to control in unsprouted seeds. After germination this increase went up to 100%.



TSS (Brix)  value in cabbage increased by 39% compared to control. “TSS“  means “Total soluble solids“. Brix is the unit (one degree Brix means 1% in the solution). Brix is an indicator for food quality: Higher Brix means higher nutrient density, better taste, resistance to disease – better quality. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) was increased by 11%. Total free phenols (important for their antioxidant effects) were increased by 18%. Protein content increased by 16%. Nitrogen content increased by 19%, sulphur by 71% and potassium by 19%. Also micronutrients such as Cu, Zn, Mn and Fe were increased between 4% and 13%.



Increase in quality parameters, such as ascorbic acid (49%), lycopene (40%), phenols (7%) and TSS (10%), was found due to soil and foliar application of Homa.  Biosol as compared to organic control.



Increase in quality parameters of okra such as ascorbic acid (0.5-34%), phenols (2-8%), nitrogen (3-28%), phosphorus (4-58%), potassium (45-98%), micronutrients such as Cu, Zn, Mn and Fe (51-52%, 31-48%, 3-17% and 2-23%, respectively) was registered due to different Homa treatments as compared to conventional control not exposed to Homa atmosphere at crop harvest stage.



Another very interesting result was from Abhay Mutalik Desai who has his Homa Organic Farm near Belgaum (Karnataka, India). He grew vanilla, and before selling he gave samples of the vanilla to a lab for testing the vanillin content. The best commercial result is 25% to 28% vanillin by weight. But his result was 36% by weight. The lab people first thought they had made some mistake in the analysis, as such a high value was not seen before, so they ran the test again – with the same result. This shows that in Homa Farming, important nutritional parameters are increased, in some cases quite drastically.

Homa Organic Farming products thus support our health as they supply us with all sorts of micronutrients which our bodies need (and often do not get). You could even say that Homa Farming food becomes a medicine.




Homa Therapy Teaching Centre and Homa Organic Farm, Australasia



Services provided by Om Shree Dham


Information and Supplies for Homa Therapy. See www.agnihotra.com.au/Products   Copper pyramids and copper tools for Homa Therapy are made at Om Shree Dham in Homa atmosphere since 1993. Everyday cow dung is collected from our 2 resident Brahman cows to make dung patties for Homa Therapy.




Extra thick gauge copper pyramids for Homa Therapy



Accommodation – Caravan, Self-contained apartment, or BYO tent or mobile home. For those who wish to imbibe Agnihotra and Homa Therapy into their lives as well as benefit from a healing and transformational Homa Biosphere created over a nearly 30 year period.


Earth Healing work – Occasionally we go to Power sites to assist with Homas.




Agnihotra sunset and sunrise performed, followed by sound healing with crystal bowl


Learn how to perform Agnihotra and other Homas  – People are welcome to drop in half an hour before sunrise or sunset Agnihotra to experience the healing transformative atmosphere and to witness how it is performed. Phone first so we can let you know the Agnihotra times and our availability. 02-49981332

Demonstration of how to perform Agnihotra –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFRbAu6uxNk

Demonstration of how to perform Om Tryambakam Homa –  https://youtu.be/7ZgeZkB8I18


NB Regular practice of Agnihotra creates a biosphere full of Prana and micro- nutrients in perfect balance. This provides the foundation for performing the other Homas in Homa Therapy such as Vyahruti Homa and Om Tryambakam Homa. These derive their potency of effectiveness from the foundation that ongoing regular practice of Agnihotra creates.

Om Tryambakam Homa cannot attract the flood of Prana. This can only be attracted through sunrise and sunset Agnihotra. Om Tryambakam Homa fortifies the Homa biosphere with more nutrition, fragrance and heightened vibration from the ongoing mantras being broadcast through the Homa. Om Tryambakam Homa is also a wonderful aid to purifying the mind, helping one to go into the witness state, leading to equilibrium and peace.




Karen Cleveland, resident of Om Shree Dham and Arnaud on the left, a French Wwoofer



Sunday Satsang at Om Shree Dham – Most Sundays from 11am to 1pm we have small gatherings here where we meditate, sing devotional songs and read inspired texts. All welcome. Please ring to confirm your attendance. 02-49981332



Vyahruti Homa, meditation with Lingams, Crystal bowl sounding, are some of the activities at Satsang



ZOOM- Agnihotra Introduction, Demonstration and Q&A via Zoom fortnightly – we send notification of date and time of Zoom workshops via email.


Outreach through Free Workshops and Talks in person – If you are a good networker and would like to organise a workshop on Agnihotra and Homa Therapy in your vicinity – contact us. We are also available as Presenters at Conferences/ Festivals, etc. Homa Therapy is always taught free of charge world-wide. We appreciate help with travel and accommodation expenses through donations.






Lee Ringma conducting an Agnihotra workshop in Kensington, Melbourne, Vic  



New Agnihotris receiving instruction and performing their first Agnihotra at a workshop



Online shop. As well as supplies for Homa Therapy we specialise in providing other powerful healing tools including Narmada Lingams, Yantras, Moldavite, raw and set as pendants and superb Meru pyramid, Life Enhancing Vials, Natural Incense traditionally made. See www.agnihotra.com.au/Products.




Narmada Lingams – great meditation tools. Giant Lingams for earth healing.   https://omshreedham.com.au/?post_type=product&paged=2



New Product! The Meru Pyramid

A fusion of two ancient energy devises; the pyramid and the Shree Yantra

Energise and cleanse jewellery, crystals, essences, etc

For healing and balancing – Place Yantra underneath and pyramid on top of chakra or area of body.

Enhances meditation. https://omshreedham.com.au/?post_type=product&paged=2


Beautiful Copper Crystal Yantra Pendant, handcrafted at Om Shree Dham. https://omshreedham.com.au/?product=copper-and-clear-quartz-yantra-pendant


Life Enhancing Set

A most powerfully transformative healing tool. Contains highly charged meteorite collected from a planetary energy centre and the essence of Agnihotra Fires, charged in Homa atmosphere. The copper vials, when held in both hands, quickly and tangibly clear, balance and uplift. Can create deep meditative states. As well helps one to sleep while in a protective cocoon. Placed on either side of food, cleaning agents, paint, medications, etc. items are purified energetically and brought into a more life-friendly state. Many energetic healers and people in general who might normally not feel subtle energy so easily, are deeply moved by the healing energy-field created by these ‘Tools of Grace’. https://omshreedham.com.au/?product=life-enhancing-kit


Work Exchange at Om Shree Dham – We are welcoming skilled volunteers to help us with the farming and building. Once the Retreat Centre is built we will be holding various courses here related to Homa Organic Farming, Homa Therapy Teacher Training, and much more. Contact us if you wish to give a hand. info@agnihotra.com.au





 Enjoying the winter sun during a break






The new Retreat Centre in progress




May there be Love, peace and healthy environments for all,


Frits, Lee, Ana, Karen and Joy




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